Interesting Locations For Work From Anywhere Setup

You’ve been handed the golden opportunity to work from anywhere you want. But now, you’re faced with another dilemma: where exactly is anywhere? The key to an effective work-from-anywhere setup lies in choosing a location that suits you.

Working from anywhere is a chance for you to strike some work-life balance. In picking the best location, you have to make sure that you maximize that balance in the best way possible. Pick a place that allows you to enjoy life while also ensuring your optimum work productivity.

Here’s the secret: the perfect location is different for everyone. That’s why we say work from anywhere–you get to decide! Keep reading to learn about some of the most exciting locations for your work-from-anywhere setup.

How to Pick the Perfect Location for Your Work From Anywhere Setup

Well, do not just work from anywhere. Make anywhere your own by customizing it to suit your purposes and needs.

According to Chase WarringtonOpens in a new tab., Head of Remote at Doist and Remote Work Advisor, “Rethink where, when, and how you work best, and intentionally craft your perfect workday to optimize for your productivity and well-being.” This means that you have to be proactive in making your chosen work location work for you.

Think of it from this perspective: if locations are job applicants, what qualifications do they need to fill to get hired? Let us give you some help with that. 

1. Accessibility of equipment and materials

One of the pros of working in the officeOpens in a new tab. is the access to facilities and equipment that you may need. What should you consider when choosing a location to work from anywhere? First, see if you have access to an electric outlet and a good WiFi connection, among other things. It will be great if you have your power bank and hotspot, but these are not always reliable. Pick a location that gives you easy access to these things.

2. Steady and undisruptive environment

Working in front of a laptop all day already poses enough share of distractions. But it gets even more difficult to get work done when your external environment is also disruptive. Distraction is one of the biggest remote work problemsOpens in a new tab..

When you consider a location for your work-from-anywhere setup, ask first: is the place too noisy or unsteady? Try to find a quiet, chill spot where you can focus on the job at hand. 

3. Personal comfort

Every job has its fair share of stress, so you don’t have to let your workspace add to the pile. Your personal comfort and work productivityOpens in a new tab. are positively correlated.

Rowena HenniganOpens in a new tab., university lecturer, and remote work expert highlights how working from anywhere can take a toll on your well-being. She emphasizes that “one of the best things you can do to avoid burnout is to make self-care a priority.” Choose a workspace where you can take regular breaks and have a breath of fresh air. That is part of self-care.

Interesting Locations to Consider

1. Chill Cafe Spots

The joy of working at a coffee shop is, according to Vice President of Aquent, Brandon RackleyOpens in a new tab., “you get to benefit from the buzz of caffeine and the buzz of working in a stimulating environment.” Most cafe spots now have their own installed WiFi because they have become a go-to study and work area.


  • Caffeine fix
  • Easy breaks
  • Good view and lighting
  • Social interaction


  • Costly
  • Can be distracting
  • Less safety over personal belongings

2. Coworking Spaces

Coworking spacesOpens in a new tab. are getting in demand nowadays. According to Shreya ShrivastavaOpens in a new tab., a Learning and Development Professional, they “elevat[e] employee happiness, wellness, and productivity.” You may consider looking up one near you and surprise yourself with the opportunities it can offer.


  • Stimulating environment
  • Networking opportunities
  • Creative inspiration
  • Opportunity to learn new skills


  • Lack of privacy
  • Hostile competition
  • Too much social interaction

3. Public Library

If you’re that student back in university who likes to stay at a library, why not work remotely there, too? Whenever you feel too tired, you can always take a break with a good book. If you are doing creative work, working at a libraryOpens in a new tab. can give you the perfect inspiration you need.


  • Creative inspiration
  • Access to books and resources
  • Inexpensive
  • Free WiFi


  • Prohibits food and beverage
  • Limited hours

4. Universities

Many university students also have work from anywhere jobs. Generally, any good study area can be a good working area. So, find a spot on a university campus where you can bring your laptop and do your work comfortably. It can be a study hall, or under a tree, the choice is yours!


  • Stimulating environment
  • Easy breaks
  • Good view


  • Unreliable signal
  • Distractions

5. Hotels

Take the chance to travel and work at the same time from the hotel you’re staying at! Boris BorisovOpens in a new tab., CPO and Co-Founder of RemoteMore states that “removing the geographical boundaries of work empowers you to pursue the things that matter to you.” Your job does not have to stop you from pursuing your dream to tour the world. WorkationOpens in a new tab. is a growing trend these days. 


  • Travel and work simultaneously
  • Creative inspiration
  • Great work-life balance


  • Ever-changing environment
  • Costly
  • Distractions

Best Cities in USA/Canada for Work From Anywhere Setup

Cities in the US and Canada are perfect for a work-from-anywhere setup. They have several highly developed cities with the infrastructure and amenities you need to live and work comfortably. They also offer a great deal of cultural diversity, meaning you can find communities of like-minded individuals to connect with no matter where you go.

1. San Francisco, CA

For starters, San Francisco has the best weather in the country. It’s a very diverse and cosmopolitan city, making it a great place to meet new people and network. And, of course, there are plenty of things to do in your spare time.

2. Seattle, WA

Seattle is another great city for working from anywhere. The weather is mild, and the scenery is beautiful. It is also home to major tech companies like Microsoft and Amazon.

3. Denver, CO

Denver has a low cost of living and is full of young professionals. The city also has great nightlife, giving you plenty of things to do in your spare time. And, of course, the Rocky Mountains are right nearby if you need a break from city life.

4. Calgary, AB

Calgary is the perfect city for a work-from-anywhere setup. It has a very low cost of living and offers great nightlife. The weather is also perfect for working outdoors.

5. Toronto, ON

Toronto has a very diverse population and is full of young professionals. The cost of living is also relatively low, and the city is brimming with fun activities.

Best Countries in Southeast Asia for Work From Anywhere Setup

Southeast Asia is a great place to work from anywhere. There are many beautiful and exotic locations to choose from, and the weather is perfect for working outdoors year-round.

The cost of living in Southeast Asia is also very reasonable, making it an affordable place to live and work for digital nomads. And, with its vast array of cultures and languages, there’s something for everyone.

1. Thailand

With its stunning beaches, delicious food, and friendly people, it’s no wonder Thailand is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world. It’s also a great place to work from anywhere.

There are many coworking spaces and cafes in Bangkok, and the city has good internet speeds and infrastructure. The cost of living in Thailand is also very reasonable.

2. Indonesia

With 17,000 islands, Indonesia is a country with something for everyone. There are many coworking spaces in Jakarta, Bali, and other major cities in Indonesia. And, the cost of living is quite reasonable.

3. Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful country with stunning scenery, friendly people, and delicious food. The internet speeds in Vietnam are some of the fastest in Southeast Asia, making it a great place to work online. Vietnam is also an affordable place to live in.

4. Malaysia

Malaysia is a culturally diverse country with something for everyone. There are many coworking spaces in Kuala Lumpur and other major cities in Malaysia. The internet speeds are good, and the cost of living is fair.

5. Philippines

The Philippines is a beautiful country with stunning beaches, friendly people, and delicious food. There are many coworking spaces in Manila and other major cities in the Philippines. The cost of living is very affordable too.

Best Cities in Europe for Work From Anywhere Setup

There are a lot of great cities in Europe that offer the perfect working environment. No matter what your preferences are, there’s sure to be a European city that’s perfect for you.

1. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is an excellent city for those looking to set up a work-from-anywhere lifestyle. It is easy to get around the city without a car. There are also plenty of coworking spaces available, as well as a vibrant nightlife scene.

2. Berlin, Germany

Berlin is another great European city. Like Barcelona, it has excellent public transportation options. Coworking spaces are also plentiful in Berlin, and the city has a rich cultural scene.

3. Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is a beautiful city that offers plenty of opportunities. The public transportation in Lisbon is efficient and easy to use. It is also home to beautiful parks and beaches, perfect for relaxing after a long day of work.

4. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague is a very safe city, making it ideal for those who want to live and work abroad.

5. Vienna, Austria

Vienna is another great option for those looking to work in another country. It is also home to many beautiful parks and historic sites.

Best Countries That Offer Digital Nomad Visa

Some countries offer digital nomad visa programs, making it easier for people who want to work from anywhere. Here are some of the best countries for digital nomads, and how long your visa can last:

  1. Estonia – one year
  2. Bulgaria – three months
  3. Iceland – six months, and
  4. New Zealand – one year (up to 23 months for those from the UK and Canada)

Related Questions

1. Why work from anywhere else aside from home?

There are benefits to working from homeOpens in a new tab., especially for those who need to take care of a family member. But it also has its drawbacks. For some, working from home can be less productive. You can also end up bringing the stress of the job to your home.

2. Can I travel with a remote job?

Yes. Working remotely gives you the flexibility of working from anywhere around the world. Deliver the work expected from you and ensure that there will be no problem in communication while you are moving around. Then, you can enjoy working and traveling at the same time.

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