Efficient Workplace Security Devices

More and more companies are investing to optimize safe and secure work environments. The importance of workplace security and overall feeling of safety is an important step towards productivity, creativity, motivation and great business solutions. To help you secure and create a safe environment for your workplace, I did research and gathered up a list of the most efficient security devices for your workplace. Continue reading to know more, these devices will not only make everyone feel safer, but they will also have a great impact on the trust your employees have towards your business.

Efficient Workplace Security Devices

Access Control Systems

  • – ADT

  • – Brivo

  • – Stanley Security

  • – Protection 1

  • – Honeywell

  • – Tyco

Security Gadgets

  • – Ecobee3 Smart Thermostat

  • – Foobot Air Quality Monitor

  • – August Smart Lock

  • – Lumidigm Fingerprint Scanner

  • – iStorage Encrypted Portable SSD

  • – Nest Secure – Alarm System

  • – Netgear Arlo Q

  • – Guardline Wireless Driveway Alarm

Growing a business is not just investing time and resources, it means having talent and ensuring they feel safe. There are many companies who have experienced setbacks due to bad security systems. Take their example and invest in a reliable security system, or if that it too pricey, you can go with some of the gadgets listed above. Thanks to so many choices out there, you can find easy ways of securing your workplace, data, and your employees.

Understanding Systems, Sensors, Motion Detectors, Cameras, Control Panels, And Smart Locks

Access Control Systems

Access control systems will give your employees the freedom of setting the right levels of security between convenience and safety.  You will have the ability to restrict the areas certain employees and visitors can enter. Each time an employee decides to leave the facility, they will have to deactivate their profiles and prevent unauthorized access. Access control systems include analytics and allow you to track your employees in the facility. Knowing who entered your business and what door they used will never be easier if you own an access control system.


Sensors come in different forms, before getting sensors, you should know and identify the sensors you might really need. Basic Sensors are strictly designed to quickly alert your system if any window or the door has been open or broken.

There are also sensors which work to alert monitors and record any incidents that have happened in the area. Without sensors, your business cannot be safe. Sensors are important due to their ability to alarm you whenever something is breached.


Most buildings have a security camera somewhere. No matter whether you run an establishment, office, or you have your own store, you should invest in reliable security cameras. Security cameras will give you a sense of control no matter where you are.  (Get 20% discount on your security cameras at LayView SecurityOpens in a new tab. with the following code – BUILDUPNVROpens in a new tab.)

Most of the security cameras are wired, but if you choose a web-enabled camera it might be even easier to have it all set and properly installed. Security cameras are easily connected to your smartphone via an application, this application will allow you to see what is going on in your facility at any time of the day or night.

Motion Detectors

People often mix sensors with motion detectors. While motion detectors are still some kind of a sensor, they are a lot different. Motion detectors detect the motion and the heat of our bodies. Plug in a motion detector or simply set it up with the system in order to have them automatically turn on certain devices in your office, for example, lights or air conditioning. Motion detectors are great, but only if you know where and how to set them up properly.

Control Panels

Most of the people who wish to have a high-tech security system need to get a control panel, this control panel can be looked at as the brain of your security system. It connects all of the devices installed with the system function properly. While there are many security devices that do not really require you to own a control panel but once you add ancillary devices you will require a control panel to connect them.

Smart Locks

Knowing everything around us is becoming ‘’smart’’, having a smart lock is no longer anything surprising at all. Smart locks are small products that are extremely important when it comes to the safety of your workplace. Once you integrate a smart lock into your system, everyone will be a lot safer. Smart locks are operated via an authorized device and access is granted or denied via an application.  

Efficient Workplace Security Devices

Access Control Systems

ADT is one of the most popular companies in the security system industry, they managed to dominate the home security market and their systems work well pretty much anywhere, be it an office, home or just a store. ADT has also been given an A+ rating by The Better Business Bureau – how great!

Their access control system is great for business owners because it allows them to integrate access control with many other security features, fire monitoring, camera surveillance, card reading and much more. ADT is one of the access control systems that was made to be a solution for your security needs. If you are looking to have your business monitored 24/7, ADT will turn to be a great choice. With ADT you are able to control nearly all of the aspects of business security, all through your smartphone! Thanks to an amazingly designed mobile application, you can unlock and lock the doors remotely, you can let your employees in whenever they forget their credentials, and even check live video feed of your video surveillance. The application itself allows you to disarm your alarms, turn on the lights and also detect if any of the doors have been left open. To have video surveillance available, you need to opt for it, doing so will let you see the status of your facility, the records of certain emergency or incidental events and have you worry-free most of the time.

ADT is a company that will gladly work with you and create the best possible system for you and your company’s needs. ADT’s support is available 24/7 and they seem to be quite fast at coming up with solutions.

Brivo is known for taking a completely different approach to access control itself, they went with the idea of minimizing hardware and bringing software into the cloud. Brivo’s system is very appealing and does not force you to deal with super expensive hardware. Unlike ADT, Brivo actually replaces the old traditional ways, replacing cards and door readers with a mobile phone! Your employees will have to download the application and press button to unlock any door they can and are allowed to access. The way this works is amazing, the application works through a database that is stored in the cloud, it sends an encrypted signal right to the door controller and then it opens the door. These credentials can be managed through a management interface which means you can register or cancel and credentials whenever it is needed.

In case you have certain door readers that are not Brivo’s, you could still possibly integrate it with Brivo by finding a list of compatible hardware on the website. While Brivo has its own video system that can be integrated, their system does not alarm you of carbon monoxide or fire levels at all. Luckily, Brivo has an intrusion alarm that will notify you whenever a break-in gets detected.

Brivo does not offer managed access service, this means you cannot outsource the surveillance and management of your system to Brivo.

Many business owners speak of great customer support Brivo has, their support was there in a timely manner and they were always very helpful and accommodating.

Stanley Security is one of the few competent access controls, their starter kit is great for businesses that are moving into a building without any previous systems installed. What makes Stanley Security stand out is their iris-recognition for biometric authentication.

If you want a fast way to get started, Stanley Security can provide you with a great kit for Stanley PAC system, the kit itself comes with two door readers, 10 packs of key fobs, control panel and administrator’s reader in order to activate the fobs. This lovely starter kit is fully expandable and it can grow with your business!

Stanley Security is compatible with most credentials and readers from other companies, it even presents you with some options of your preferable choices! To make things even better, Stanley Security has the EyeLock iris reader. This iris reader is an amazing piece of biometric technology, it scans the eye from a distance and the scanner itself can also be implemented for access control! Unlike Brivo, Stanley Security has several security features, including fire and intrusion alarm system.

Sadly, Stanley Security access control has it all but not unlimited memory, you will have to back up your event history every now and then! Just like the first two, Stanley Security has amazing customer service, they are very direct and helpful.

Protection 1 offers the best-quality access control features and components out there. Their integration with security and video reporting is a great way of getting an efficient security system. When it comes to Protection 1, they give a choice between the traditional control panel system, or a network IP system. Both of these systems have their ups and downs so it is best to ask your co-workers about their thoughts. Unlike most, Protection 1 integrates mainly all of the business security devices into its platform. Carbon monoxide, fire and intrusion alarms will easily tie to the system itself and allow you to set up emergency procedures in no time. Another great thing with Protection 1 is the fact that their security team always alerts law enforcement when there is an intrusion alarm going.

To make things even better, Protection 1 has a platform named eSuite, it is a reporting and analytics system that will provide you with a lot of security data based on your business. Running reports and scheduling them will never be easier!

Protection 1 also has a visitor management system that is designed to print guest ID badges and give access to non-employees. While Protection 1 is an amazing security system, it is not as easy to set up as it seems. They offer training that will teach you how to manage the system, thanks to many guides and case studies on their website, you will know it all in no time!

You must have heard of Honeywell, they offer a variety of readers, barcode sliders, fingerprint readers and great security for your business. What makes Honeywell so great is the versatility and their ability to mix with other hardware of other companies. Honeywell’s security system is reliable and manages all of your access control and security features through one simple interface.

Honeywell’s system misses nothing at all when it comes to emergency protocols, it can easily integrate with carbon monoxide, fire and break-in alarms. For those wanting more control and safety, you can even customize lockdown procedures and allow safer evacuation if it is ever needed. If you decide to get a platform for Honeywell’s video surveillance and intrusion detection, you might want to get WIN-PAK access control interface. This platform will pull it all together and give you full reports and alerts of shady and suspicious events that have occurred at your business.

Unlike most access control companies, Honeywell advices you contact the distributor or a dealer you purchased the system from in case you have any concerns or questions. However, Honeywell has many manuals, data sheets and technical resources on their website.

You might have heard of Tyco, Tyco is one of the websites offering the biggest variety of security products out there.  Tyco allows you to craft your own ideal system! Tyco also offers two systems, traditional and IP system, the only difference is that the IP system still requires a control panel.

Tyco offers various security integrations with their system, unlike most they include fire alarms, video surveillance, intrusion alarms, asset tracking, and even perimeter detection. All of these features can be easily added up to your interface and you can set up emergency procedures whenever you like. Tyco will alert you of the suspicious activity and allow you to suspend credentials you no longer need. Tyco’s systems have unlimited event history, you can check for the activity even years ago.

If you are often found outside your office, Tyco also has an option for you, their access control system can be managed via your smartphone and that is very handy whenever you leave the office! Luckily, Tyco also offers a 24/7 phone support service, sadly the only time you can actually contact them through the phone is when there is no live chat or email available.

Security Gadgets

Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat

Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat is a great device for your home or your office. Ecobee4 is not like most thermostats who only read the temperature in one area of the room, Ecobee4 actually comes with a room sensor that will help you manage cold and hot spots all around the area. Ecobee4 easily reads the temperature of the air and detects the occupancy of it, it ensures you are comfortable in the room no matter what. Ecobee3 was awesome, but Ecobee4 is something else! It comes with Amazon Alexa voice built inside and it can perform most of the skills Alexa can. Your Ecobee4 will be listening to you and all you have to do is ask and watch him do the job!  (Check out the latest price on Amazon HEREOpens in a new tab.)

The temperature and comfort settings are adjustable via a smartphone application. The application itself is very straight forward and Ecobee4 is very easy to set up. Ecobee thermostats do not rely on a battery or your HVAC equipment, they are hardwired!

Ecobee4 is so smart it will learn your office’s unique energy and transform it into the data points that will result in cost savings! This lovely product is ENERGY STAR certified and serves as a thermostat you have never seen before!

Foobot Air Quality Monitor

Knowing what you breathe in and out is important! Foobot Air Quality monitoring device will smell the odorless, invisible pollutants that can be found in your environment. Thanks to its amazingly designed LED display, Foobot will show you all of it in a matter of seconds. Just one glance and the color will glow letting you know whether the air in your office is fresh and clean or it feels like a gas station.  (Check out the latest price on Amazon HEREOpens in a new tab.)

Thanks to the awesome phone application, you can monitor your indoor air and compare it with the outdoor air just by swiping your finger. Foobot is designed to alert you of pollution and teach you how to deal with it.

August Smart Lock Pro

You have a smartphone, a smartwatch, why not have a smart lock too? August’s Smart Lock Pro is a great smart lock for any important door you have in your life. Lock and unlock your office doors from anywhere, grant access to your employees and track who was coming and going throughout the day. August Smart Lock Pro is a greatly designed smart lock featuring August application. To make things even better, this smart lock also works with all three voice assistants we heard of before, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and Siri!  (Check out the latest price on Amazon HEREOpens in a new tab.)

August Smart Lock Pro is awesome, it can be easily attached to your current deadbolt and your existing keys will still work properly as always!

Lumidigm Fingerprint Scanner

If you are looking for a fingerprint scanner who outperforms other fingerprint scanners, Lumidigm is the way to go! This multi spectral fingerprint scanner will improve your security, speed, accuracy, and throughput right away! Unlike most fingerprinting scanners, this one has a technology that also scans the underneath your skin, which makes it a lot more precise and accurate.

Lumidigm V311 has advanced liveness detection which eliminates any falsifying threats or alteration completely in the future. This lovely device has smooth integration with systems and it is very easy to maintain. Acquiring FTA or FTE will never be easier if you end up owning Lumidigm Fingerprint Scanner. High-quality biometric authentification is a must and this scanner does it all! The superior performance of this amazing device has managed to lower management issues and increased user satisfaction by a lot!

iStorage Encrypted Portable SSD (Disk Ashur Pro SSD)

Securing your doors and pathways is important, but securing your data is not any less important at all! If you are looking for the highest level of security for your data and information while you can still use the fastest USB speeds, iStorage disk Ashur Pro SSD might catch your attention right now.  (Check the latest price on Amazon HERE)

Featuring easy-to-use keypad design, a free software set up, this SSD will enable you to access your data and easily transfer your information without any worry. Using your unique PIN, you will access your data faster than ever. Software free design and military grade encryption are just some of the great features this SSD offers. Disk Ashur Pro has an auto-locking feature as well as self-destruct pin, brute force protection and wear resistant keypad.

Nest Secure – Alarm System

If you are looking for an alarm system that will always know what is happening in your home, Nest Secure is a way to go. Nest Secure alarm system comes with Nest Guard, two Nest detect sensors, and rest of the tools and equipment you need to get it going.  (Check out the latest price on Amazon HERE)Opens in a new tab.

This tiny device is pretty much all you needed to get a decent amount of security in your home, but it is also great for offices! Nest Secure will alert you if any windows or doors are broken, if there are any unauthorized people in the building and it will also detect any suspicious movement right away. 

Nest also comes together with built-in Google Assistant who will not only talk to you, but also listen to whatever you might have to say. Temper detection works on jamming or movement.

Netgear Arlo Q

Arlo Q is becoming famous all around the world, it is a 24/7 security monitoring made very simple! This camera is great, with 1080p HD quality, you will be able to see everything as clearly as possible, all the details! While most cameras have 1-way audio, Arlo Q has 2-way audio, this means you can listen and talk back using the built-in speaker and microphone.  (Check out the latest price on Amazon HEREOpens in a new tab.)

When the night falls down, you should have no worries, thanks to night vision, you will be able to see everything without any issues at all. Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant also go well with Arlo Q!

Updating to CVR means your Arlo will be able to do 24/7 recording as well! Arlo Q keeps its recordings on the cloud but without the CVR upgrade, the recordings are saved only for the past 7 days! Your phone will now be able to show you the situation in your office no matter where you go, you can check the meeting room, kitchen and entrance/exit in case you are suspicious of something going on while you are away.

Related Questions

What is a driveway alarm, do I need it? Driveway alarms are mainly there to detect motion and notify you whenever there is suspicious movement going on around on your driveway. Driveway alarms are not as important as camera surveillance, but they can be a great help in case your office or a workplace is located in a shady area.

How often should I check my security system? You should hire someone to maintain and keep your security as great as possible. There are people who will make sure all of your devices are well connected and integrated properly before use, these same people can be the ones who will check on your security system and make sure it works flawlessly all the time. If you cannot afford to do this, you should be checking your security system whenever you feel there are things you might have missed. At least once a month!

How important is it to have a strong safe? Owning a safe is always a great idea, a safe will not only protect you from burglary but also floods and possible fires. Getting a good safe is just one of the many things it is advised you buy.

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