A New Outlook on Employee Experience: Collaboration and Technology

Employee experience is such a broad concept that can be defined in many waysOpens in a new tab., but it is an essential factor in ensuring job satisfaction and maximum productivity. This term is often tied in with workplace experienceOpens in a new tab. but the former is more focused on how the employee can benefit. 

Essentially, employee experience can be defined as anything the employee feels, observes, perceives, and understands with regard to the workplace. This can cover workplace cultureOpens in a new tab., workplace inclusionOpens in a new tab., ideal workplaceOpens in a new tab., and even negative aspects such as workplace stressOpens in a new tab., workplace bullyingOpens in a new tab., and workplace harassmentOpens in a new tab..

The Emphasis is on “Workplace”

The essence of employee experience lies in the workplace, but the workplace has quickly evolved beyond its intended setting. We see a growing number of individuals utilizing coworkingOpens in a new tab. hubs and working from homeOpens in a new tab.. Despite improvements in health and safety conditions, the general outlook is leaning more towards this hybrid set-up.

Despite massive changes, there are still fundamental aspects of the employee experience that need to be maintained and observed by the Human ResourcesOpens in a new tab. department. Among these are the following:

Employee EngagementOpens in a new tab.

Workplace FeedbackOpens in a new tab.

Workplace Wellness ProgramOpens in a new tab.

Workplace EnvironmentOpens in a new tab.

Workplace AnxietyOpens in a new tab.

Workplace DiscriminationOpens in a new tab.

Advancements in Employee Experience

The most recent technological advancement in employee experience was put forward by Microsoft. Known as “Microsoft VivaOpens in a new tab.,” this innovation was created to focus more on collaborationOpens in a new tab. and flexibility. Employers are in need of tools like this since the pandemic brought about an even wider scope of employee experience, whether it be remote or in-office.  

As a result of the major shift in working conditions and company priorities, leadershipOpens in a new tab. has also become a focal point in ensuring employee productivity wherever and whenever work is done. Good management qualities such as flexibility and the ability to adapt to new challenges and responsibilities are as essential as the work itself.

From the perspective of employees, technology has also made great strides. Several companies are now using the online space to create feedback, communication, and benefits platformsOpens in a new tab.. We can now observe that employee life is transforming, or at the very least, integrating into life experienceOpens in a new tab..

Measuring Employee Experience

I discussed employee experience and the importance of ensuring that employees see the value of their contributions in the workplace with Alek Dincoff on our YouTube channel. In this interview, we talked about three key points:

– Productivity tip: self-imposed deadlines

– Importance of how an employee perceives the value of his work

– The role of tools and technology in employee experience

If you want to have a deeper understanding of the concept of “employee experience” as well as understand the metrics by which it is measured, check out the full interview at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsYfmd60jFUOpens in a new tab.

Does your company place emphasis on employee experience? 

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