7 Reasons to Implement E-Learning in Your Organization

Employee onboarding and retention often require some kind of training. In the beginning, new employees need guidance to settle in properly. In addition, your current employees want to keep progressing and grow professionally. So, as long as they’re a part of your organization, you’ll need to find the best training options for them.

While professional training is welcomed by your employees since it improves the employee experienceOpens in a new tab. (EX), you still need to find a way to make it accessible and straightforward.

As you research training options, you may discover that in-classroom training, seminars, and other options simply aren’t cost-effective. This is especially true when you have a large number of employees to train or simply lack a large training budget. If you haven’t yet considered E-learning, now may be the time.

Here are 7 reasons why E-learning may be the training solution for you.

1. Content Can Be Accessed from Anywhere

While professional training is welcomed by your employees since it improves the employee experience (EX), you still need to find a way to make it approachable and smooth.

If you limit your employees to a single classroom at a specific time of their day, they might find it hard to attend and learn.

That’s what’s great about e-learning. The classroom is taken out of the equation, and your employees can learn under their own conditions. They can connect, sign in, and learn:

  • – any time of the day
  • – from home
  • – while traveling
  • – anywhere they have internet access

This eliminates being out of the office as a roadblock for completing the training. It will also make e-learning a much more enjoyable and simplified experience that your employees are going to appreciate.

2. There Are Multiple Sources for E-learning

Every company has different needs for their employees. The type of training and learning depends on numerous factors such as:

  • – the industry you’re in
  • – level of skills and knowledge of your employees
  • – the amount of time you have to finish training

What’s great about e-learning is that there are numerous different sources you could turn to, and choose the one most suitable for your specific needs. Here are some of the best-known sources of both free and paid e-learning courses:

  •  Wordstream
  •  Hubspot
  •  Coursera
  •  Khan Academy
  •  Stanford University on iTunes
  •  Skillshare
  •  Tufts University Open Course Initiative
  •  Udemy
  •  Open Yale

They represent just a tiny fraction of what’s available out there.

“If you can’t find an existing course that fits your needs, there are other options. You can use one of the many excellent authoring tools and writing services to create your own E-courses or find authors who can create engaging educational content,” says Korey Sievers, editor at Top Writers ReviewOpens in a new tab..

So, the options are limitless and all you have to do is find the one your employees will benefit from the most. This will immensely improve their EX.

7 Reasons to Implement E-Learning in Your Organization

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3. E-learning is Low-Cost

Another majorly important benefit of e-learning is the fact that it is a low-cost option for employee training. With online learningOpens in a new tab., you’re able to cut back on expenses and still provide high-quality training.

Here’s how you save money with e-learning:

  • – no classroom space means no rent
  • – you don’t have to pay a professional trainer
  • – you don’t have to fly employees to seminars or conferences
  • – you don’t disrupt the daily work schedule significantly
  • – it costs the same regardless of how many people use it

As a result, the cost of E-learning, when compared to other options, is quite low.  The more your organization is able to take this option, the more money you will have in your training budget for scenarios where e-learning may not be an option.

So, to put it simply, e-learning saves your money and gets the job done.

4. Many People Find the E-learning Format More Engaging

The traditional form of learning is a bit limiting. This is because a group of people who are completely different is expected to sit together, under the same circumstances, and learn at an equal pace.

This is impossible because:

  • – some people are visual learners
  • – others are kinesthetic
  • – some are tired at the moment
  • – some have a short attention span

E-learning provides the option of learning according to your own daily rhythm which is a huge advantage.

Further, we can’t forget about the millennials. Millennials make up the largest employee group at the moment. They are constantly connected.

This makes the E-learning format exceptionally engaging for them. Millennials are more likely to:

  • – learn more efficiently
  • – retain information
  • – view the experience more positively than they would traditional classroom training

In addition to this, E-learning is highly visual. Course creators often use videos, animation, even GIFs to explain concepts and ensure understanding. Some even employ gamification strategies to keep learners motivated and on task.

These methods are ideal for maintaining engagement.

5. E-learning Is Less Stressful

When your employees are new at something, they’re under a lot of pressure to learn it as soon as possible. They want to master new software or learn how to perform certain actions.

But, since they’re only at the beginning, the might feel pressured and stressed out.

This only makes them learn slower and make less progress.

E-learning removes the pressure and the stress because:

  • – there is no trainer to check up on every move that you make
  • – there are no colleagues around you that you have to be embarrassed in front
  • – you can get back to the same thing as many times as you like
  • – if things become too stressful, you can just leave it be and come back to it later

Since they’re in a safe environment and there’s no one they have to prove themselves to, they’ll feel much more relaxed.

This will help them learn faster and better.

6. Employees Can Review and Refresh at Any Time

When they complete the traditional forms of training, employees are often left with paper handouts, notes, and the occasional manual. The latter must often be shared between multiple employees.

If an employee needs to review something, that’s a lot of material to dig through.

E-learning makes it possible for your employees to create their own learning experience. They get to choose when to learn when to study, and how much to cover at a time.

Plus, with E-learning, employees can:

  • – always access training and online materials
  • – search out the specific information that they need
  • – review and refresh faster
  • – get better results out of their training process

When things are more accessible and easier to reach, the results will be better as well.

7 Reasons to Implement E-Learning in Your Organization

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7. Employers Can Use E-learning to Expand Training Benefits

In order to draw in the best talent, you have to offer excellent benefits and perks. Great employees are attracted to career development and training opportunities.

Unfortunately, for many organizations, tuition reimbursement programs are simply too expensive.

Luckily, e-learning creates a reasonably priced alternative.

Even relatively expensive E-learning courses are significantly less expensive than full-priced, tuition-based training through colleges and universities.

So, you could offer employees a set dollar amounts each year to use towards e-learning. This would make it possible for them to:

  • – never stop progressing
  • – have access to low-cost quality training
  • – trust you with their professional development

They could earn about anything from the UK taxOpens in a new tab. to increasing cross-department collaborationOpens in a new tab..

E-learning would look great as another benefit you have to offer to new employees. By giving them a chance to expand their training benefits, you’re making yourself a desirable employer.

Moving Forward: Preparing to Implement E-learning in Your Business

E-learning is an excellent option for nearly any business. Your next step is to begin researching the options available to you.

Fortunately, because there are so many inexpensive, even free, e-courses, most can afford to test drive a few before making a final decision.

So, make sure that you do all the necessary preparation work:

  •  Decide on the type of training you need
  •  Make a list of employees you want to go through a specific training course
  •  Set a budget you’re ready to spend for e-learning
  •  Start small and test a couple of courses before you make a decision
  •  Track results and see how efficient e-learning has been for you and the people in your company

Make the decision to move forward and improve the employee experience and thus, your employer brandingOpens in a new tab.. Create a plan and start making changes one step at a time.

Final Thoughts

E-learning is a smart and efficient way to give your employees the training they need. The benefits covered above should help you make the decision of introducing e-learning as a regular part of your company’s policy.

Read all the reasons why e-learning should be in your organization. Then, start searching for the best solution for you and your employees. Once you find what you need, go for it and enjoy the results.

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