7 New AI Trends for Marketing Campaigns in 2021

With the technology improving at such a wild pace, marketers are constantly seeking new ways to leverage new technologies to boost their brand’s visibility.

With smart technology solutions, marketers can learn more about their audience demographics, behavior, and customer journey. This data provides them with valuable insights to leverage for digital marketing strategies and campaigns.

Machine Learning & artificial intelligence (AI) are some of the technologies that have enabled the development of intelligent marketing solutions such as content recommendations, chatbots, voice search, persona building, predictive forecasting, email marketing optimization, improving conversion rates, boosting the number of monthly visitors and many more.

Let’s take a look at the latest AI trends marketers are using to drive their digital revenue and what is the best way that you can use them in order to improve the metrics of your website, and ultimately your business’s growth.

Content Recommendations

Top-quality content has always been a valuable tool when attracting visitors to your website and improving the online presence of your business. AI software is now smart enough to predict what kind of content sparks users’ interest, leads them to click through and explore the site, or convert.

Analyzing customer behavior, smart content recommendation systems can serve the exact content your audience is looking for in real-time.

Companies like YouTube and Netflix are already using this technology to recommend content to their users based on their preferences and other behavior indicators both on and off-site. It’s no wonder more than 40% of companies are using artificial intelligence assistance in order to drive digital revenue and improve their business’s growth.


Chatbots are gaining in popularity as they provide customers with 24/7 support and help resolve queries instantly.

Before chatbots, businesses have been using customer support agents to answer even the simplest queries. However, relying on “human customer support” can not only create delays in communication and make customers frustrated, but it is costly and qualified talent is difficult to come by.

AI-powered chatbots are not only accessible 24/7, but they learn and self-improve continuously.

The more they interact with users, the more sophisticated and efficient they become in resolving the users’ queries. Many predictions suggest that the chatbots will continue improving their functionalities and will try to match human behavior as much as possible. They will offer services that a specific visitor is searching for, and will be even able to suggest useful links in order to match the searchers’ query. There are a few challenges when it comes to chatbot improvements, such as the inability to execute text commands, lack of conversational intelligence, and inability to understand different accents or jargon words.

However, even with these limitations, chatbots can be a powerful tool if used properly. As the AI conversational technology is constantly improving, in the near future AI chatbots will have the ability to:

  • Customize the unique experience for each individual customer, helping them create a smooth communication flow
  • Improve the loyalty of your customers, with customer services being available 24/7
  • Improve the perception of AI chatbots and their development, which would improve customer feedback and help your business become more reliable and trustworthy

Using smart chatbots such, will not only help increase the conversion rates by providing the information users need when they need it – it will also streamline your customer service process and give useful information to your users in a timely manner.

Voice Search

Smart speakers have reached the point where devices like Google Home and Amazon Echo have become necessities in modern homes.

Smart speaker devices are powered by AI voice search technology that is now so advanced that it can now understand and use natural language to understand and respond to queries and commands.

This has had a major impact on SEO in the form of Featured Snippets that provide in-search answers to questions and follow-up questions. SEOs are now optimizing their content to attract traffic from the snippets in addition to the main search results – so-to-speak.

Just as Google’s search algorithm has made a revolutionary impact on how the general public searches for and consumes information, voice search will make an impact on how people control their home environment and, more importantly for retailers, how they manage their household inventories.

Audience Hyper-Segmentation

Another great thing about AI is that it allows businesses to conduct detailed persona research and hyper-segment the audience based on their interests.

As a result, they are able to create robust buyer personas and personalize their content and offers based on their preferences. 

This technology helps you find even the unexpected commonalities among your audiences and build them into your marketing strategies to improve response.

For instance, if most of your audience are pet lovers, you can then include animals as stars or an overarching theme in your next marketing creative. You can also employ brand identity servicesOpens in a new tab. to build some of these insights into your visual assets.

As your audience grows, you can customize and optimize segments in real-time to improve user journeys and engagement.

Predictive Forecasting

Predictive forecasting enables businesses to move beyond regression models, gain actionable insights and predict future customer behavior much more accurately.

For instance, this can help businesses answer the questions like: Who will be their future customers? How will those customers behave in their sales funnel?

Predictive modelling is maybe the most valuable benefit of AI in the context of digital marketing as it allows marketers to anticipate and target audiences’ needs, as well as identify new customer acquisition opportunities.

Email Marketing Optimization

AI technology can also be used for the optimization of email campaigns. This is not the brand new application of AI in marketing, but it certainly is a trend that is about to have a big influence on audience segmentation and automation.

As customers interact with the content they receive through their emails, machine learning algorithms gain important insights into how audiences behave.

This data allows them to provide recommendations for content types, subject line improvements, send times, and other campaign-building elements to optimize open rates and engagement. They can also learn from A/B tests and provide even more accurate recommendations. However, for more complicated marketing campaigns, it might be an impossible task to get the desired results by only using AI technology. That’s why it might be a good idea to consider going with one of the trusted digital marketing companiesOpens in a new tab. that will be ready to do the heavy lifting for you and fill the gap that might be missing.

Leverage AI to drive the best results

If you are a marketer looking for ways to stand out from the competition, consider implementing these trends in your digital marketing strategy. With AI technology advancing at such a swift pace, it would be a waste not to try implementing it in your marketing efforts. In a few more years, it might even become a standard tool when trying to optimize your website and your business as a whole.

While you may not achieve the best results instantly, you surely will make significant improvements and witness an increase in ROI in no time.

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