6 Ways to Use Your Employee Training LMS as A Hiring Perk

Summary: The LMS is an excellent tool that not only helps to prevent compliance violations and retain your top performers but can also be used as a recruiting perk for new ability who comprehend the significance of deep-rooted knowledge.

6 Ways to Use an Employee Training LMS for Recruitment

We all know that investing in a new LMS learning management system is often just for the sake of our staff members and the company’s bottom line. But what many people don’t realize is it also doubles as an employment perk! It can help you find your next great hire by tracking their skills to ensure success both now or down the future road when they might be leaving another job with higher pay rates than yours (due to average salary increases). Here are six ways we’ve seen companies utilize software like this:

1. Host “Talent Roundup” Live Events

Hosting live events is a cost-effective way to fill your job opening. What could be compared to an open projecting call? These ability gatherings should be pitched in-house and via web-based media, so you can generate more interest from potential candidates for the position during its duration (which might only last minutes). During this time frame, ask questions about their experience or expertise with hopes that those who want something will stand out – they’re go-getters, after all! By following up with assessments and surveys, you can determine if anyone flew under the radar—for example, a certified applicant who stayed quiet. While it is true that many introverts prefer to stay silent when they are not speaking, take the time in your next session with them. You may be surprised by what you find!

2. Launch A New Hire Training Library

You can’t attract top talent without a sound employer library. You should launch an employee training LMS with resources for new hires and keep them well-informed of company policies, protocols, or other vital information that will help their transition into your organization through micro-learning sessions on this same platform as current employees use today to support one another while learning how things work together too! Likewise, you can utilize your library to vet forthcoming fresh recruits, ensuring they make the grade. For instance, by including quizzes or branching scenarios that will show where their talents lie and if you’re a good fit for one another! Make sure to test their skills and see if they would be a good fit for your organization by including quizzes or branching scenarios.

3. Incorporate Game Mechanics

Badges, points, and levels are great ways to motivate new hires. They also provide an opportunity for you – the employer- to recognize their accomplishments with game mechanics in training sessions that note what they have accomplished and helped monitor progress towards goals while identifying any areas where improvement is needed! Staff members are motivated by intrinsic factors rather than external incentives. The badge means more to them, not just money or public recognition

4. Provide Optional Certification Courses

When employees are given the opportunity for greater autonomy and self-discovery, they will be more inclined to invest in their training. Certification courses provide them with a chance at learning new skills that can help increase productivity or qualify for higher-paying jobs entirely on your own time! Promote yourself and be more productive in the workplace with a good mix of topics. You might need to survey your group for motivation on what skills they think are under-represented within their current program! Promoting yourself in the workplace is no easy task. You need to be adaptable and versatile enough that you can appeal on different levels with your coworkers, while also being knowledgeable about upcoming promotions or events happening at the company wide level so they’ll know how valuable it would’ve been if implemented now! For example: what skills do I lack? Are there any specific areas where my expertise isn’t yet recognized?

5. Offer Apprenticeship Programs

Learning by doing is the best new hire training approach. Employees don’t want to read about tasks or learn skills on-the-job; they need hands-on experience to teach good behaviors and set an example for others around them, which can only happen through online apprenticeships that offer built-in collaboration tools with video conferencing capabilities. As well! As a leader, you need to find the best in-house expert for your job and offer them personalized guidance. Apprenticeship programs allow new hires or top talent that has room for growth, so they can continually hone their abilities under the watchful eyes of an experienced specialist who knows what’s up! When you have top talent that is eager to help, there’s no limit on what they can accomplish. They may be too busy coaching new hires or answering questions for other team members but don’t worry because apprenticeship programs offer personalized guidance from experienced specialists in all areas of expertise needed throughout the company!

6. Sign Up for A Free Trial

Try before you buy with LMS vendors. Demo it out and see if this is the right platform for your organization! If not, don’t worry–there are plenty of other options available to help make sure all departments stay in sync (and save some money). You might be wondering if your staff will benefit from using a new tool. Well, now is the time to find out! The free trial offers you an opportunity to evaluate whether this staffing and recruiting LMS aligns with what’s essential for business success in reality instead of just on paper- so take advantage before it runs out!!

6. Give Employees a Way to Self-Assess

Top performers are open, honest, and active in their pursuit of self-improvement. They know there is no foolproof way to succeed. Still, they also don’t let that deter them from taking a proactive approach when it comes down to things like admitting faults or identifying hidden talents, which can benefit the organization.

If you want your employees’ best work, then hire someone who takes an interest not only with themselves but what’s going on around them too! They never knew they were experts at negotiating or problem-solving. Simulations, scenarios, and serious games gave them an in-depth look into their skillset to show what adaptation was needed for real-world applications.

The right people are looking for an organization that values their growth. You can offer them training opportunities, including a live meet-and-greet with the trainer through video conferencing software in order to find out what they need most from you as well as bring on board top talent without fear of being poached by other companies who value individual development more than yours does! Lastly, give them a way to self-diagnose problem areas discreetly and take charge of their professional development. This will allow you as an employer or mentor for this individual recruit’s success in the workplace!

Hiring the best talent is a competitive process, but you can make it easier by offering them some perks. New hire libraries and gamification programs will keep your employees interested in learning more about their job while online certifications show that there’s always something exciting going on at the company they want to be part of! You can use your employee training LMS not only for live meet-and greets, but also to host video conferencing sessions with new recruits. This way you will be able to verify they have all the support needed before taking on an important role in company operations or asking them to complete self-diagnosis assessments discreetly so that professionalism is at its peak!


The leading platforms are all you need to find great employees. We’ve recorded them beneath, alongside their upsides and downsides, so that it’s easier to choose which system best suits your needs!

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