6 Ways Clear Communication Positively Affects the Workplace

No matter the industry or field of business, communication plays a vital role in the workplace and can have a tremendous impact on the productivity and satisfaction of employees.

Focusing on clarifying your communication as much as possible is the key to achieving positive effects within your workplace. Clear communication is essential for strengthening your team and ensuring the continued success of your business.

In this article, we will explore what constitutes “clear communication” and why it’s so important to have. Keep reading to learn about 6 positive effects to expect when providing clear communication in the workplace.

Clear Communication is a Must-Have Skill

It’s one thing to say that clear communication is a must-have skill, it is another thing entirely to truly understand the best methods for achieving this type of communication.

This begs the question:

What is Clear Communication?

“Clear communication” can be defined as communication that is as direct and concise as possible, while also being positive and supportive. To achieve it, all forms of communication must be clarified, from written and digital communication to in-person and oral communication.

How Can Employees be Influenced by It?

The channels of communication through which employees and departments within a business talk and interact are crucially important. By striving to achieve clear communication, employees will be given a much better opportunity to collaborate and provide meaningful contributions to the business.

6 Positive Effects of Clear Communication

Many benefits come from emphasizing clear communication as an integral component of a business model. Understanding the potential benefits is essential for gaining better insight into all the ways clear communication can affect your business.

Here are 6 of the primary positive effects seen when clear communication skills are used:

1. Less Confusion When Communicating Company’s Goals

To communicate as clearly as possible, your company should have an apparent and well-defined main objective. This way, though employees may carry out vastly different jobs, there will be a universal understanding of the main goal that is being worked towards.

2. Increased Motivation Towards Work

Clear channels of communication increase each individual employee’s opportunity for providing meaningful contributions. This can greatly improve the overall morale of your team and motivate them to work harderOpens in a new tab. and smarter to make their contributions.

3. Healthy and Dynamic Workplace

Company’s that keep departments and employees separated do not foster the potential for innovation within their teams. Clear communication within the workplace inspires a healthier workflow between all departments and can greatly increase overall employee satisfaction.

4. Better Performance & Time Management

By communicating more clearly, your employees can greatly increase their productivity and time management, working together to complete tasks and activities at much faster rates. At the end of the day, high-quality performance and optimal time management are both essential for a highly productive workplaceOpens in a new tab., and clear communication can help to achieve this with ease.

5. Regular Exchange of Knowledge and Expertise Among Employees

As mentioned, giving employees heightened opportunity for collaboration with one another will inevitably lead to even greater innovation and insight within your work environment. Employees will be able to lend each other their expertise and learn from one another, improving the overall workplace ecosystem as well.

6. Survive Difficult Situations Together

Ultimately, having better means for collaboration and communication will strengthen your team and prepare them to utilize the skills they have fostered through their teamwork to combat challenges and difficulties that the business may face. Have a strong and united team working towards the same goal is highly necessary for professionals looking to future-proof their businesses.

Integrating Clear Communication in the Workplace

It is important to set your businessOpens in a new tab. and your employees up for success and understanding how to effectively and seamlessly begin utilizing clear communication is key.

Here are 5 tips for integrating clear communication into your workplace:

Organize One-on-One Meetings with Employees

To communicate more clearly with your employees, the best method is to go to the source: the employees. The first step to clarifying your communication is to speak directly with your team and figure out what makes them tick. Not every employee is the same and understanding how to communicate the most effectivelyOpens in a new tab. with each member of your team is essential.

Plus, one-on-one meetings provide an opportunity for employees to privately air their opinions, concerns, or criticisms. This will help to build the trust and confidence needed to open up better channels of communication.

Listen to Their Demands and Offers Carefully

Your employees want to know that they are valued and that their opinions are not just being heard but are being assessed and acted upon. When concerns are brought to you by your team, it is important to take the time to validate them and truly consider what they have to say.

Show They Have Your Full Support  

As the business leader, it is crucially important for your team to feel supported by you. Listening to what they have to say and putting the time in to get to know your team and their styles of communication is key to showing them that they have your full support.

Find Solutions to Their Issues

Just as you want to find solutions for your customers, so should you strive to find solutions for your employees’ problems and issues as well. A dissatisfied and unhappy team will not result in better communication or improved productivity.

As the business leader, it is your job to maintain the morale and motivation of your team. By finding solutions to their issues, you show that you are committed to not just the well-being of the company as a whole, but to the well-being of the individual.

When Communicating Clearly Don’t Forget To:

Use Body Language

Visual communication is just as powerful as auditory and written communication. This means that your body language will inform your employees of your true intentions and message just as much as your words will.

Body language such as eye contact, smiling and holding yourself in a tall yet open posture can all help to show your confidence and optimism – this will then oftentimes reflect into your employees.

Avoid Mumbling

Speaking is a must – even if you are not a great public speaker, practicing projecting your voice and enunciating will do wonders for your ability to portray confidence and authority. Vocal communication is incredibly important and can make communication feel much more personal, so mastering the art of speaking to your team is essential.

Speak in an Appropriate Tone of Voice

Just as you need to speak clearly and audibly, you should also be mindful of the tone you use when speaking. We touched upon earlier the importance of noting the differences in your employees’ communicative styles – this means that employees will not all have the same reaction to your tone of voice.

While one employee may enjoy banter and a sarcastic tone, another may misunderstand and feel hurt or offended by your use of sarcasm. Always be mindful of the tone you are using and how it will come across to each you interact with.

Analyze the Information Received During Meetings 

Meetings are a great opportunity for receiving information and feedback about how things are going in your business and how overall satisfied your team is currently feeling. Always be attentive to even the smallest details provided in meetings and follow up on information that may need further attention.

Provide Consistent & Detailed Feedback

Part of supporting your team is providing them with consistent feedback about their performance that is detailed in nature. Moreover, this feedback should touch upon both positives and negatives, to not discourage your team but rather to motivate them by highlighting areas in which they could grow.

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Final Thoughts

Clear communication is a must-have across all sects of business and integrating the skill into your workplace is essential for improving channels of communication between your employees.

Remember that the benefits of clear communication include:

• Increased productivity
• Greater innovation
• More opportunities for collaboration
• Improved strength and unity within a team
• Ability to weather hard times

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