5 Main Benefits of Business Travel

For some employees, business travel may just seem like a chore, while for others, it may seem like an opportunity to explore. Here, it all comes down to perspective, and when business travel is done the right way, the benefits are massively high. 

You would be surprised that over one millionOpens in a new tab. business trips are taken every single day only in the USA. Having known that, you may be asking what the main benefits of business travel are? 

Even though there are many benefits associated with business travel, in this article, we will show you the five main ones associated with business travel. 

Let’s dive right in!

5 main benefits of business travel 

Business travel managementOpens in a new tab. isn’t something easy to do, especially when you aren’t the one going on the trip yourself or even while you are organizing the trip. Although, there are many experiences and benefits to look forward to a trip, even though it is for business purposes. 

Here are our five main benefits for business travel: 

1. Builds confidence 

A huge benefit business travel will give you is the ability to get out of your comfort zone and build confidence while traveling. We all have an issue of staying in our comfort zone, which also impacts our professional and personal lives, but we need to push past our comfort zone and welcome new experiences. 

Going to the office every day is just a boring daily routine, and isn’t something that challenges us since you have to repeat the same tasks daily. And guess what? Doing the same things every single day drops our confidence, which will later impact how we feel in our professional and personal lives. 

Travel builds your confidence by making you adapt to new environments and gives you new challenges you have to overcome. That is just how our brain works, when it gets exposed to new things, it’ll feel good about it. Closing a deal, building a new business relationship will provide you with the vast confidence boost you are looking for. 

2. You get to enjoy new experiences

Especially if you love to see new places or try new foods when you are traveling, business travel is your chance to enjoy the moment. Or maybe you are even someone who loves to visit historical objects, then this is your chance. The most important experience of traveling is to enjoy the experience itself and not think about what can go wrong. 

Even when you are traveling for business purposes, we know time might be tight, but of course, you will have some free time to check what is around. Discovering something new is just another experience for you, and when you get used to it, it means you will get better at being flexible to adapt to new environments. 

3. Allows you to have face-to-face meetings 

Remote interactions are increasing year by year, especially after the pandemic’s beginning. As virtual communications become popular, especially with the use of SlackOpens in a new tab. and other video conferencing tools used by businesses, you may be wondering if we really need to go on a business trip? Is it really worth it? 

Well, the answer is definitely yes! Remote interactions are adequate but not as effective as when you meet in real life. According to a business study published by Harvard Business ReviewOpens in a new tab., a face-to-face request in real life showed to be 34 times more successful than the one you would try to set up on emailOpens in a new tab.

If you think about it, even in our personal life, we can’t enhance our friendships, relationships by communicating remotely, it just doesn’t work. Real life interactions are different, allow you to express yourself better and even find out more about the person you are talking to through facial expressions and even the way they communicate with their body. 

In short, face-to-face meetings are essential if you want to establish a more successful business relationship and allow it to be longer-lasting. Otherwise, virtual business relationships are limited and don’t have the same feeling you would have in real life. 

4. Ability to meet new people 

Relationships are essential for humans and the success of their lifelong experiences. It isn’t easy to establish them whenever you are in the office meeting the same people every day.  Traveling gives you the opportunity to meet someone new, maybe they might be a new close friend, a future employer, or even a person that may help you with something else. 

Life is full of surprises so you can’t really predict what is going to happen the next day and one thing may lead to another.

Meeting new people from another country may even make things easier for your personal life, just as much as your business one. 

Even if you go on a personal trip to a country you have traveled to with your company, new contacts will help orient you with things you may face trouble with. Now, you understand how helpful it can actually be. 

5. Helps avoid employee burnout 

Doing the same things over and over is exhausting. Seeing the same people every day and even going to the same office gets to you over time. Even if you work remotelyOpens in a new tab., being at home even gets annoying once in a while. 

Business traveling helps solve this issue, as you are going to new places, it helps you feel that your life is experiencing changes. 

Whenever you and your employees experience something new, they won’t get to experience employee burnoutOpens in a new tab. and be more motivated in the long term.  Whether it regards your work life or even personal life, traveling is good for the body and mind. Thai directly affects the quality of your personal life and corporate one. A new experience is another experience to tell to your closest ones. 

Is business travel meaningful at a workplace?

For every business that is included with traveling, it directly does affect how employees feel about their position at the workplace. When you and your team are traveling to different places around the world, it can even affect your team’s relationship and how they think about their job.

Nobody ever said you only have to work together at the office or during work hours, but being together outside the office is vital too! The sky is the limit, so it is essential you break those limits and seek to find fulfillment from every business travel experience you get to have. 

Wrapping it up 

Well, that’s about it for this article. Hopefully, now you see how beneficial business traveling can actually be for you and your employees. Remember, continuously doing the same things over and over can get exhausting. In short, you don’t want to be that grumpy person who is tired of work and feels like there isn’t anything better to do, so this is your chance to help employees and even yourself avoid burnout. 

This article goes into an in-depth review of the significant benefits that come with business traveling. Read through each of the five benefits we stated carefully and see how they relate to you and your business. Are you the same person, and do you feel the same way? 

Otherwise, take this opportunity to enjoy the moment with your colleagues and even for your own personal experiences. After all, you and your colleagues will have a lot of stories to tell once you guys are done with corporate traveling!

Steve Todd

Steve Todd, founder of Open Sourced Workplace and is a recognized thought leader in workplace strategy and the future of work. With a passion for work from anywhere, Steve has successfully implemented transformative strategies that enhance productivity and employee satisfaction. Through Open Sourced Workplace, he fosters collaboration among HR, facilities management, technology, and real estate professionals, providing valuable insights and resources. As a speaker and contributor to various publications, Steve remains dedicated to staying at the forefront of workplace innovation, helping organizations thrive in today's dynamic work environment.

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