28 Workplace Software Tools You Need to Know

The world is moving ahead at a very rapid pace. Traditional office space, manual filing, typewriters, and fax machines are all things of the past. Today, they have been replaced by Agile working, hot desking, activity-based work, sensors, IWMS, and other technologies.

However, not everyone has opted for hot-desking and unassigned seating yet. But many companies have made great efforts to use workplace software to boost the productivity of the employees and make the most of their workspace. Big brands like Microsoft, Deloitte, Square and more are now accepting hot desking with open arms.  But what software can you utilize to deliver a better workplace experience for your business?

In this post, we are going to review 28 workplace software/apps.

1. SpaceIQ – Workplace

2. CADM Accordant – Workplace

3. OfficeSpace – Workplace

4. iOFFICE – Workplace

5. Coworkify – Coworking

6. Serraview – Workplace

7. CentreStone – Workplace

8. Visual Lease – Lease and accounting

9. IBM Tririga – Workplace

10. Wattics – Facility Management

11. MPulse – Facility Management

12. Maintenance Connection – Facility Management

13. Loc8 – Facility Management

14. FM Interact – Facility Management

15. Position Intelligence Engine (PIE) – Building Intelligence

16. Aruba – Network and Analytics

17. VergeSense – Sensor

18. myKastle – Security

19. Workplace Analytics – Workplace Analytics

20. Okta – Identity Management

21. Monday.com – Project Management

22. Smartsheet – Project Management

23. Spaceti – Workplace

24. Teem – Space scheduling and Analytics

25. Wrike – Project Management

26. Trello – Project Management

27. Workframe – Project and Workflow Management

28. Current by GE – Sensor 

So, let’s get started…

1. Space IQOpens in a new tab.

This cloud-based facilities management solution is designed for all sizes of businesses. Space IQ provides the most intuitive, smart, and easy-to-use Facility Management Software for companies. The major features include real estate forecasting, space planning, and move management.

This app offers many features for using pace including seating allocation, asset information, real-time data exchange with ERP systems, IT and HR, and real-time floor plan. It also allows users to manage space moves with email status updates, drag-and-drop move scheduling, a centralized user request queue, and updated floor plans. It also has additional features for data exporting to excel utilization levels, employee finder, cost analysis, meeting room scheduler, collaboration, and project management.

The platform helps all sizes of companies with powerful, smart and powerful CAFM/IWMS workplace management software that fuels productivity, drives engagement and optimizes savings for all size companies. This operational excellence software helps you run the company, saving your time and allowing you to achieve your goals. With SpaceIQ, companies can provide a world-class workplace experience to the employees enabling them to focus on their work even more.

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2. CADM AccordantOpens in a new tab.

CADM Accordant SoftwareOpens in a new tab. is an affordable yet effortless way to make any workspace up to 30% more efficient. You don’t need any degree in architecture or any CAD skills to operate it, but only a simple drag-and-drop interface. You can easily keep track of leases, track occupancy, plan moves, carry out survey and more with this easy to use a web-based tool.

Whether you need a few hundreds of desks or need seating for a large multinational corporation, this is the right tool for your unassigned seating needs. It is scalable, affordable and simple. It allows everyone to read information for directory services. Team administrators can have restricted access to see and update their personal information.

It is an effortless, and user-friendly software that makes your workspace 30% more efficient. From moves, space, strategy, occupancy, surveys, and healthcare, this effective software is designed to manage all workplace operations. From keeping track of the leases, implementing moves or simply searching someone, this software puts all your workplace data in an organized manner.

3. OfficeSpaceOpens in a new tab.

OfficeSpaceOpens in a new tab. is a cloud-based platform that helps companies allocate workspace. It allows users to manage everyday employee moves, along with managing large-scale moves. This software can be easily used in various industry segments, ranging from government entities, real estate, telecommunications, and banks. The software is easy to use and allows managers to track employee moves, cubicles, and spaces along with related assets like copiers, computers, and phones.

It also has a visual directory that allows users to locate each employee along with their contact information and find resources like meeting rooms and equipment. Group and individual moves can also be planned with the workflow of the solution and complicated moves can be planned with the Scenarios tool. This software also offers auto-generated and on-demand reports that show completed, archived or scheduled moves.

4. iOfficeOpens in a new tab.

iOFFICE is a cloud-based integrated workplace management and facilities solution that helps companies to manage their business workflows and operations. iOFFICE offers 10 modules with management features for a move, assets, visitors, space, mail, visitors, etc.

This software allows users to store building floor plans and calculate utilization by room type, occupancy, or by groups or at an organization level, project team and cost center. It allows users to manage room reservation and book their desired space, invite guests using coordinate services, calendar functions like getting turn-by-turn space directions and AV equipment.

The software features asset tracking, inventory tracking modules, and facility maintenance. These modules can be easily integrated with each other.

iOFFICE also has an employee experience solution called Hummingbird. Hummingbird can hover over any IWMS and allows employees to find people or places, reserve spaces, request services and receive visitors and packages.

As a facility and workplace management solution provider it helps users reduce disruptions to their facility management, improve productivity and save on expenses. The proprietary technology helps tailor its solution to suit the needs of customers. In addition, it also offers office management, mobile solutions and space, and relocation management.

5. CoworkifyOpens in a new tab.

Coworkify is a complete coworking management software that offers easy to use and simple features.  Tools for all the basics ranging from booking, membership, sales, invoicing, and marketing. It enables flexible coworking spaces and focuses on functionality and simplicity.

The tools help space owners better promote their space, grow the community and manage resources. Whether you own coworking space, a multi-location hub or shared office, Coworkify easily meets your needs. You can manage multiple spaces with a single account and access the software using your mobile phone or tablet. You can also use Coworkify in multiple languages. You can request any language other than English and Japanese ( which are already supported).

Coworkify meets the most critical needs of the businesses. From making reservations to billing and payments, tracking payments, every process is smooth. It makes automate time-consuming tasks such as collecting payments and invoicing easier than ever. It calculates the subscription rates and resources usages such as parking fees, lockers, and conference rooms.


6. SerraviewOpens in a new tab.

Regardless of the size of your business, Serraview cloud-based facilities management solution can effectively manage the workspace. With a purpose to empower different sizes organization, this workplace management solution is designed to optimize space use and create user-friendly workplaces. Serraview offers a smarter workforce and workplace enablement solution, which allows you to maximize your space.

The two modules like Relocation Management module and The Smart Office Environment are really useful.

The Relocation Management module helps in managing the workflow process. The automated communications keep all employees updated at the time of transition. It also keeps a track of employee locker, storage allocation, and car parking.

The Smart Office Environments modules provide real-time occupancy tracking, which includes employee computer presence, Wi-Fi network, building access data, and help in creating working layouts. It supports various windows like Mac OS, Windows 8, and Web Browsers (OS agnostic).

7. CentreStoneOpens in a new tab.

CentreStone by Trimble is specially designed to help organizations efficiently track workplace needs including, lease administration, space management, operations, environmental sustainability, and facilities management. The key feature of CentreStone software is space management that provides strategic planning, stacking & blocking, assets, occupancy tracking, chargeback abilities, and CAD management.

CentreStone also has a built-in engine DWG that reads and writes the AutoCAD file without having to install AutoCAD. The drag and drop option in the move management module can be used on an individual or group move. It features color by highlighting for visualization and multi-floor plan reporting that can be shared with others.

With the help of CentreStone, software facilities management team can build and save different framework for planning. It is built as a cloud solution that allows companies to have flexible workflow by managing large spaces.

8. Visual LeaseOpens in a new tab.

Visual Lease software is a cloud-based solution for lease accounting and administration. It can be used by property owners or corporate tenants who manage industrial sites, office space, retail stores, etc. It allows users to track finances, lease data, contacts, important dates, contacts, and other documents. Visual Lease also consists of customizable options such as drop-down lists, income & expense features, user-defined fields, abstract categories, security protocols, reports and more.

The Visual Lease dashboard gives important date reminders and provides an alert for changes in rent or upcoming expirations. The dashboard also contains a GIS map, where users can look at the details and images of owned, leased and subleased properties.

Visual Lease offers a library that comprises standard reports, an ad hoc reporting tool that permits users to construct their own reports. With the help of Visual Lease software documents and contacts can be centralized, providing one source to referral documents, track property owners and tenants. The support is offered through email or phone.

9. IBM TRIRIGAOpens in a new tab.

IBM TRIRIGA software is an integrated workplace management system that is designed to increase the environmental, operational and financial performance of an organization or a facility.

The main features of IBM TRIRIGA software are space management, capital project management, facility maintenance, real-estate management, energy, and environmental management. It also provides you with the support of a lease manager who gives information to the users regarding previous or present asset value, lease update and amortization summary.

The IBM TRIRIGA solution also helps to manage and control external or internal project activities. It provides you with a list of projects in operation and its schedules and budget forecasts. In additions, the software helps users in managing and utilizing space and workplace configuration management.

IBM TRIRIGA software can be installed as an on-premise or a cloud-based solution. It provides an online knowledge base to its users for addressing their product related inquiries.

10. WatticsOpens in a new tab.

Wattics software is a cloud-based solution for facilities management. It is a great solution for various small scale or midsized industries. The features of Wattics include measurement & verification (M&V, trend analytics, cost allocation analysis, projected savings, wastage analysis, and energy monitoring.

With the help of Wattics software users can manage various activities like user energy conservation, performance contracts, saving projects and user behaviors. It also provides integrated solution related to data systems, meters, and sensors.

Wattics allows users to compare and monitor energy consumption. It also provides costs associated which further helps to identify parts where conservation can be enhanced. The best part about this software is that it automatically sends notifications to the users if consumption or the cost involved differs from the anticipated patterns.

11. MPulseOpens in a new tab.

MPulse CMMS software offers scheduling, facilities maintenance, integrated tracking, and reporting tools for equipment to organizations. The solution provides virtual compatibility with any device and also offers adaptable deployment functionality.

MPulse Software has four available solutions. Each solution offers an additional feature which is primarily built on the previous versions. This allows businesses to add more features as their requirements change. The four available solutions are:

1. MPulse Bronze- It is an entry-level solution for work order management and preventive maintenance.

2. MPulse Silver- It has all the features of MPulse Bronze and additionally, it has the capability to receive, manage and update requests from users.

3. MPulse Gold- It provides all the features that include- service requests, managing preventive maintenance, controlling inventory, work orders, managing vendors and tracking.

4. MPulse Platinum- It includes all the crucial features that of the previous editions including features specially designed or created for Industrial Internet of Things (IoT).

MPulse has more than 2,700 users across the Globe, from small maintenance enterprises to large organizations with global services.

12. Maintenance ConnectionOpens in a new tab.

Maintenance Connection software is a cloud-based solution for maintenance management. It is designed for all sizes of enterprises that include warehouses, travel agencies, healthcare, manufacturing, utilities, government, energy development, and other specialized industries. With maintenance connection software you also get on-premise hosting services.

With the help of maintenance connection software, users can manage or track maintenance costs, get updates on equipment failures, manage assets and allocate resources. The solution integration ability consists of computer-aided facility management (CAFM) software and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software.

The homepage for each user is set up as per their role. The subjects that need immediate attention like requests, work assignments, and other recent objectives are highlighted in red. You can also customize the calendar that reflects the work schedules of employees. The My Matrix feature in the software shows the information related to work order utilizing an editable matrix. This software runs on Microsoft SQL Server relational database engine.

13. Loc8Opens in a new tab.

Loc8 is a cloud-based field service management software. It enables users to gain financial insight regarding the operations, manage and schedule jobs, manage teams and complete the pending tasks. With Quickbooks and Xero packaged integrations, invoices can be managed, created and generated directly from mobile. Users can record cash payments and take credit card payments straight in the field through Loc8 software.

Loc8 also allows users to produce required maintenance frequency and task-based work orders for assets automatically. They can also generate event-based or conditioned rules to automate operations. Asset failures are notified automatically or an asset can be set to inactive when a parameter is updated.

Loc8 provides a free license for five years and includes features like implementation packages for businesses of any size, ticketed support, knowledge base and phone support.

14. FM: InteractOpens in a new tab.

FM: Interact software is a cloud-based facility management solution which helps businesses to manage assets, space, maintenance, occupancy, leases, property and moves. Through this solution, users have access to important facility information like employee information, floor plans, critical documents, and reports, this allows the facilities team to share information securely and manage the facility accordingly.

Essential features of FM: Interact software:

– Space and move management

– Capital program management

– Maintenance and asset management

– Environmental stability

– Lease administration

– Real estate portfolio management

The additional features of the software include; FM: Mobile for mobile access, project management, strategic planning, and maintenance.  

15. Position Intelligence Engine (PIEOpens in a new tab.)

The Position Intelligence Engine (PIE) is a cloud-based platform which uses real-time data to make buildings intelligent. It is designed on the basis of smart algorithms and calculates the total number of people present in the building. PIE helps to monitor the occupancy of a building 24*7 and offers all the crucial information via Building Intelligence Dashboard.

There are various other applications that utilize pie data like the kiosk app- Wally, mobile app- Spot, with these apps the employees of an organization get real-time insight into the occupancy. This allows them to instantly find available workspaces. With PIE, lighting and climate of the building can become smart and adaptive as it connects with the Building Management System. PIE helps to reduce energy waste.

All the data in PIE is centrally stored and managed which allows other systems and applications to access the data via API. By using self-learning algorithms, PIE enriches and improves the outcomes and accuracy of the platform.

PIE transforms your existing Wifi network into an intelligent system that measures the occupancy. It does not interfere with your WiFi network, as the technology only utilizes the ‘listening’ mode of the WiFi Access Points, hence it doesn’t transmit anything. As compared to a full sensor implementation PIE is:

– Cost-efficient

– Quickly implemented

– Provides up to 90% of the occupancy and all movements of a building.

Building Intelligence Dashboard gives you the exact data that helps you to decide where you need to improve granularity or accuracy. This enables you to add other data sources or sensors in a very focused way, saving both costs and time.

16. ArubaOpens in a new tab.

Aruba Central is a robust cloud-based solution that provides built-in analytics for business insights and actionable network. With the help of Central, managing switches, branch controllers and Aruba instant access points from the cloud guarantees control, visibility, and 24*7 access. Visitors can access guest Wifi via a customizable enterprise-grade portal. You can easily manage a single location or many with Central with its powerful cloud network.

With Aruba Central, you get to run branch, wireless and wired networks within a few minutes with Zero Touch Provisioning. The intuitive and automatic dashboards of Central along with firmware, reporting, and maintenance management makes troubleshooting and monitoring quick and easy.

The new Central dashboard is specially designed to make an intelligent display, staffing decisions, merchandising and improve visitor engagement. Also, it features powerful enterprise security along with built-in redundancy and scalability. Delivering network-as-a-service without additional complexity or cost is easy with Aruba Central.

17. VergeSense Opens in a new tab.

With VergeSense you can acquire insights about the built environment with a scalable people-counting sensor (AI sensor) which is easy to install. It forms an information layer within properties. VergeSense comes with an easy-to-use intuitive dashboard that gives organizations AI-powered recommendations and insights.

VergeSense data solution also strengthens dynamic workplace strategies by identifying where employees are best positioned to work at any particular moment. There are different applications that leverage VergeSense data, some of them are as follows:

  • People Counting- It offers a historical and real-time count of the number of property occupants.
  • Desk and Room Utilization- It provides users the capability to calculate utilization rates of a facility or a property— private offices to conference rooms and co-working areas.
  • Hot Desking– It helps to identify an open desk and assigns employees their desks to promote workplace efficiency.
  • Emergency Response- It takes count of every person in the building during an emergency or a disaster and also provides a status.

Verge-sense is cost-effective and can be installed in minutes and is great for workplace tenants, real estate investors and property managers looking to increase asset value and build a more productive workplace.

18. myKastleOpens in a new tab.

myKastle is cloud-based software for managing real-estate properties. This intuitive solution helps you to manage security system 24*7 by just logging into any web-based device. It has a user-friendly interface that enables you to increase productivity and save you money whether you have a large enterprise with multiple locations or small business.

myKastle has innovative features and provides you with automatic upgrades without lengthy downloads or installation at no cost. With the help of myKastle you can:

Manage Access- Control personnel access, keep personal information and photos up to date, and manage visitors more efficiently.

Control System- With myKastle you can control your system with ease. You can view emergency contact procedures and activity status. It allows you to easily lock or unlock doors and turn the system monitoring on or off.

Purchase Supplies- You can use myKastle store to order supplies like accessories or cards phone tags.

Verify Alarms- You can view alarm status and confirm emergency situations via recorded snapshots or live video clips.

Mass Notify- You can send customized messages to your employees through text or email, from anywhere.

Kastle Systems connects people, process and technology to provide innovative, effective and the most convenient approach to the security of your organization.

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19. Workplace AnalyticsOpens in a new tab.

Workplace Analytics is specially designed to provide executives or managers with a broad understanding of employee productivity, workforce effectiveness, and employee engagement in various departments based on Microsoft graph data. It has a built-in dashboard that helps you to look at insights and track change over time.

You can view map behavior to see the business outcomes and how collaboration impacts results. By using Power BI and flexible queries, you can create dashboards and custom reports for quick decision making.

Also, with Workplace Analytics you can control access and data usage via flexible privacy controls. Through its management and compliance features, you can protect and secure your data.

Workplace Analytics solution for teamwork utilizes data from everyday work to help teams master their time. It not only discovers opportunities for change, but also frees up capacity for innovative work, and retain the best talent.

20. OktaOpens in a new tab.

Okta is an identity-management software. It provides a cloud platform to businesses or customers to securely sign on to cloud applications, mobile apps, and websites.

Inside the workplace, organizations can use Okta to manage secure employee sign-ins and revokes access to applications once they leave. Also, it allows businesses to externally connect with customers, supply chains and partners.

Okta runs on cloud and has a reliable, secure, audited platform that integrates with on-premises identity management systems, directories, and applications. Okta has the following features:

– Single Sign-On (SSO)

– Provisioning

– Active Directory (AD)

– LDAP integration

– Centralized de-provisioning of users

– Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

– Mobile identity management

– Flexible policies for an organization’s security and control.

All of these features are brought together via a network of pre-integrated applications named Okta Application Network (OAN). The OAN offers multiple integration options, enables SSO login for each app that the employees need to access during the workday.

21. Monday.comOpens in a new tab.

Monday.com is a cloud-based project management software that caters to the needs of small and midsize businesses. The software allows businesses to control different projects and facilitate knowledge-sharing amongst employees.

Monday.com provides a cooperative environment enables team members to create a knowledge-base, communicate and share designs, images, files, and other details.

This software can also be integrated with applications like Google Calendar, Google Drive, MailChimp, Dropbox, JIRA, Pipedrive and more. The solution also allows users to share particular information with external guests like freelancers or clients.

Monday.com makes use of REST JSON API, which lets users have control over cross-origin resource (CORS) requests. With this system, developers have the ability to customize the software as per their needs.

Monday.com offers services on the basis of a monthly subscription that incorporates support through emails, smartphones, and other web resources.

22. SmartsheetOpens in a new tab.

Smartsheet is a cloud-based work management tool which is easy and simple to use and can be used by a broad range of employees. Its a project management application with an interface similar to a spreadsheet that helps teams to manage tasks, collaborate, and plan projects.

This software solution provides a number of project management applications like resource management, time tracking, document management, reporting, and issue management provided via add-on application.

Smartsheet brings together key project elements, boosts speed, and enhances collaboration with opportunities that fit an individual’s work priority. With the help of Smartsheet application, users can keep a track of all the projects and enhance visibility into team preferences so that crucial activities are not missed out in a regular work environment.  

Smartsheet is also designed for iOS and Android to help users get done with work while on the move. Multiple collaborators can create accounts in the application so that users can simultaneously work on projects including a number colleagues and clients. The software meets the needs of any business size from small to large enterprises.

23. SpacetiOpens in a new tab.

Spaceti is an all-in-one solution for the facility management industry and the real estate. It helps to build the well-being of building occupiers, satisfaction, and productivity and the same time improving the net-income for organizations. It solves the effectiveness and efficiency challenges faced by landlords or tenants and fulfills all the requirements of a smart flexible workspace.

The Spaceti solution has the following benefits:

One app for the entire Portfolio- Under one app you can communicate with occupants and inform them in real time about changes, events, and breakdowns.

Increased productivity- With the help of Spaceti, people have the option of entering the building or a facility using a mobile app. This mobile app also helps them to navigate and to move around.

Improve services and increase satisfaction- Spaceti offers improved services with a real-time reporting system, make decisions, and collect feedback based on surveys collected from occupants.

With Spaceti, owners have the ability to lower operating costs and offer an efficient workplace to their tenants. Also, facility managers get benefits from the reporting option, which decreases the time needed to locate and fix maintenance issues.

24. TeemOpens in a new tab.

Teem is a space scheduling and workplace analytics platform. It not only tracks and schedules gatherings on campuses, floors, and buildings but also offers users the ability to manage and control other features like individual room displays.

The software allows users to eliminate ghost meetings to optimize space efficiency and utilization. Also, Teem vigorously secures users’ data so that they can rely on the software to keep their information always safe and private.

Teem provides the following benefits:

Smarter meetings- Meeting and conferences are made smarter with Teem. The software keeps such gatherings on track and also reduces the impact of conflicts like which group or team gets access to open venues or rooms.

Better room management- Teem includes powerful management tools. The offers feature that allows users to control and monitor displays securely in various rooms., manage bookings via calendar, third-party app integration, and keep track of people using rooms.  

Deeper Room Insights- The cloud-based software provides with a deeper insight into the meeting or conference rooms, the number of participants in a gathering, and other measures. The real-time data gathered is then presented in the form of charts and graphs in the application.

Secure Data- Teem protects sensitive user information from illegal access. Teem’s annual pen tests and quarterly threat vulnerability assessments on web applications ensure complete data protection. Users can successfully carry out their tasks without the fear of any digital threat interrupting their work.

25. WrikOpens in a new tab.e

Wrike is a cloud-based project management software for teams of 20 and more people. It can be used by both large and small enterprises. The software includes custom dashboards, calendars, workload view, real-time updates, and Gantt charts. It gives a proper structure to your business through tasks & projects, folders, and auto-assignment based on task statuses. Wrike is designed for multiple businesses, from tech and finance to advertising and creative.

Wrike integrates with various tools like Adobe Creative Cloud, SalesForce, Slack, and Dropbox. It also offers an open API. Wrike is best suited for creative, marketing, large to mid-sized IT, and operations team.

26. TrelloOpens in a new tab.

Trello is a project management solution for planning tasks and managing projects. It is particularly used by software development teams, but it can be used for other departments like human resource, sales, marketing, and support. This solution offers tools to describe projects, it’s requirements and the plan to make sure that the projects are finished in a sequential way.

Trello has a digital board in which you can add, create, prioritize and organize tasks and actions. Managers or administrators can also create a workflow by assigning tasks to teams, monitor progress, and set deadlines. With Trello cards users are allowed to collaborate or associate with each other. Users can attach documents, add comments and members to the projects assigned to them.

Trello provides free subscription and offers a professional package which is largely used by large enterprises with administrative and privacy settings. Trello integrates with a with various other online applications like Google Drive, JIRA Cloud, GitHub, Slack, and Bitbucket Cloud.  

27. WorkframeOpens in a new tab.

Workframe solution is used by media, financial services, and technology sectors to accelerate their workflows. It helps to easily identify the initiatives that are at-risk and require immediate attention. It comes with improved transparency so that the whole project team is on the same page, the entire time.

The benefits workflows are as follows:

Manages multiple locations and projects- Workframe oversees multiple projects and locations simultaneously to measure the progress of important initiatives throughout your portfolio.

Enhanced task management- Workframe drives efficiency via enhanced task management solution to center team’s focus on the most crucial project deliverables.

Smoothly collaborates around CRE documents- Workframe assists with uploading important project documents, floor plans to provide smooth, real-time communication and it also speeds up the decision making progress.

Increased project visibility- Workrame provides an entire list of team members on each project, which helps to get insight on each users’ workload and identify disturbances that might be slowing down the process.

28. Current by GEOpens in a new tab.

Current powered by GE combines advanced LED lighting with software and networked sensors to make several facilities and buildings more productive and energy efficient.

Current by GE includes the following features:

Data & Analytics- This technology offers controls and sensors that enable LED lighting. It is an all-sensing network that adds analytics and compiles data and insights needed to bring forth efficiency and productivity.

Mastered Efficiency- Current by GE is an energy management solution that integrates data from a connected network like HVAC, refrigeration, and lighting. It also offers data intelligence and responds via controls in real time.

Increased Productivity- Current by GE is an open platform that gives limitless software and service opportunities via diverse ecosystem. This generates increased productivity and efficiency in commercial buildings and industrial facilities.

Current is supported by powerful technology and broad ecosystem that helps organizations to realize the potential and unlock the hidden value of their surroundings.

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