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As a part-time writer in a publishing company, I have written articles for numerous clients to help them grow their businesses. Working part-time in the comfort of my own home has provided me with the satisfaction of having a career and life balance. As a result, I have learned to value my time and relationships, especially during a pandemic.

So, what exactly are part-time remote jobsOpens in a new tab.The defining characteristic of a remote job refers to work that can be done outside a typical office. Remote jobs requiring part-time work are a form of employment that requires fewer hours per week than a full-time job.

There is no question that the pandemic has changed our perspective on the current standard of work. As an employee, the first promise of part-time remote jobs for you is a balance between life and career. With this, we have written an article, What is Workplace Flexibility?Opens in a new tab. which discusses the benefits of arrangements under flexible work such as part-time remote jobs.

In this article, we will identify and describe the top 25 in-demand part-time remote jobs. We will explore their job descriptions and the skills you need to obtain these positions. We will also list down the top companies hiring this type of work in IndeedOpens in a new tab.. If you need a reference for part-time remote jobs, read the sections below.

Top 25 Part-Time Remote Jobs

1. Remote Content Editors and Proofreaders

Content editors improve the quality of produced articles. Meanwhile, proofreaders are responsible for checking grammar, punctuations, and the technicalities of writing. Most of the time, however, clients expect and require both of these skills. What you need is expertise in English grammar. You also need to have a strong background in fact-checking and commonly used writing styles. This job is best suited for individuals who pay great attention to detail.

2. Freelance Writer

The usual job of a freelance writer is to produce blog posts for businesses. They can also write technical manuals, proposals, video scripts, and other materials. Clients usually hire these writers for short-term projects. What you need is an excellent use of written English. You also need fact-checking and research skills. Being a freelance writer is best for people who love to learn about various topics.

3. Online Teaching and Tutoring

With the increased accessibility of online courses comes the rise of tutoring services. In these services, the most sought-after globally are English language teachers. However, there are also online teaching jobs for other subjects. You’ll need basic teaching skills, knowledge about what you are teaching, and a high school diploma. Some clients also require a college degree in teaching. Additionally, you’ll need communications equipment, such as a stable internet connection, a computer with a camera, and a headset. Online tutoring is recommended for individuals who have a passion for sharing knowledge and helping children learn.

4. Virtual Assistant

With the rise of the internet comes a new type of administrative assistant. A virtual assistant’s main task is to assist with the mundane, day-to-day tasks of their client. They are responsible for scheduling activities, bookkeeping, answering and writing emails, and similar. What you need is proficiency in using basic productivityOpens in a new tab. tools. You also must have good multitasking skills. Working as a virtual assistant is best for adaptable people who can do multiple types of secretarial work.

5. Transcriptionist/Transcriber

Podcasts, interviews, and speeches are popular forms of media content.  However, some people like to read texts: this is where the job of a transcriber comes in. Transcription refers to the conversion of audio material to text. The primary job of a transcriptionist is to listen to recordings and type what they have heard. What you need is to be meticulous with details. It’s also helpful to have a masterful command of the language your client’s files are in because some audio files would require you to understand different accents. Some speakers also use colloquial language, meaning you may need to research regional terms and informal usages. People with good listening skills are best for this kind of job.

6. Social Media Manager

As the name suggests, this job requires managing social media. A social media manager is responsible for writing campaign ads and scheduling posts. They will also be interacting with audiences and find ways to improve user analytics. What you need is to be savvy in using social media. You should be able to keep up with local and international trends. Further, you need to have skills in copywriting, web analytics, and customer support.

7. Graphic and Virtual Designer

Graphic designers create visual outputs or informatics. It includes creating things such as a brand logo, brochures for customers, and product packaging. Graphic designers might also produce billboards and other marketing materials. What you need is to have skills in typography, web and graphic design programs. This job is best suited for creative individuals.

8. Customer Support Agent

Companies today now hire customer support agents who can work remotely. As a part-time job, this is a great option. A representative’s primary task is to answer questions from customers and troubleshoot their problems. They perform this task through online phone calls or chat. What you need is basic tech proficiency, customer service skills, and to be good at multitasking. As a customer support agent, you need to have a great understanding of conflict managementOpens in a new tab..

9. Remote Stylist

Yes. You can work remotely as a stylist. Surprisingly, there is a great demand for a part-time stylist who can help their clients optimize their fashion sense. As a remote stylist, you can suggest clothing and accessory items through digital platforms. What you need is an understanding of current trends in the fashion industry. You also must have good communication skills.

10. Accountant and Bookkeeper

Almost all companies have a team of accountants and bookkeepers managing their financial resources. Their basic tasks are to record transactions, organize them, and produce reports about the company’s finances. What you need to have is proficiency in bookkeeping and accounting software. If you have experience in accounting, this job would be easy for you, especially because you can work in the comfort of your home.

11. Remote Consultant

Surprisingly, there is a rising number of consulting opportunities you can find online. Usually, this type of job is for short-term or one-offs when a client needs an expert in a specific field or discipline. For instance, a consultant may need to provide advice about research or conducting community programs. If you have licensed expertise in a particular subject, this job may be for you. You need to have strong written and communication skills. You also need to have excellent skills in research.

12. Data Analyst

Believe it or not, there is a rising demand for data analysts who can work part-time and remotely. A data analysts’ primary task is to scrutinize and interpret information. They produce results from raw data provided by clients and help them understand these reports. A data analyst provides clients the information they need to make critical decisions about their businesses. In this type of job, you should be skilled in conducting research and using data analysis tools.

13. Computer Programmer/Software Engineer

Usually, the job of a computer programmer requires them to work in an office. Nowadays, computer programmers can code and use their software in their homes. As a part-timer, their main job is to assist clients in creating software or an app. They may be tasked to write code, test its functionality, and document their code. As a computer programmer, you must be proficient in programming language and have mathematical skills.

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14. Researcher

There is also a rise in demand for research jobs. Typically, clients hire researchers as a one-off for specific projects. The primary responsibility of researchers is collecting, organizing, and analyzing data. As a researcher, you should be skilled in project management and handling data. With this, you should be proficient in using tools for data analysis and statistics.

15. Translator

Translation refers to the accurate conveyance of the meaning of written or verbal language to another. With today’s fast-paced production of content, translators are highly sought-after. Working as a part-time translator is common. A translator may need to handle various types of documents, such as business, legal, medical, and technical materials. Typically, however, most translation jobs will describe the kind of documents you will be translating. As a translator, you should have advanced proficiency in the required language/s. You should also have excellent writing skills.

16. Health and Fitness Coach

People need to stay fit and healthy. However, keeping fit is challenging, especially during a pandemic. The primary job of a health and fitness coach is to create appropriate exercise plans. They are also responsible for assessing the health condition of the clients and monitor their progress. As a health and fitness coach, you should have excellent skills in goal setting and lifelong learning. You should be able to have active listening and adaptability to cater to the needs of the client. Today, health and fitness coaches can offer their services on online platforms.

17. Sales and Marketing

There are many part-time remote jobs in the field of sales and marketing. As part of this team, you may need to demonstrate products and services. You may also be a part of scheduling meetings and appointments if necessary. As such, you should have readily available knowledge of the resources of your client. You should have skills in customer service, selling, influencing, and negotiation. If you see yourself as an excellent decision-maker and manager, this job may be for you.

18. Human Resources

Part of the job of the human resourceOpens in a new tab. team is to recruit, screen, and interview potential employees. As a part-time remote worker, you will be responsible for coordinating employee relations, payroll, and benefits. From time to time, you will also be in charge of training these employees. You may conduct online conferences and webinars for these events. As a human resource specialist, you should have excellent communication and administrative skills. You should also exhibit expertise in HRM knowledgeOpens in a new tab. and coaching individuals.

19. Web Developer

Apart from programming or software engineering, you can also apply for part-time web developing jobs. Your primary tasks include designing and building websites for clients. Depending on your skillset, you may be responsible for things such as the appearance and interface of a website or more technical aspects such as how much traffic it can handle. As a web developer, you should have proficiency in various coding languages, depending on the job. Common languages include CSS, Java, PHP, and Python, but you may need to learn others. You will need analytical and debugging skills. Moreso, you should have the ability to include search engine optimization in building these websites.

20. Product Manager

Some clients need part-time remote employees to manage their products and services, especially when their work is project-based. As a product manager, you will be responsible for product planning and execution. You will collaborate with the sales, marketing, and customer support teams to ensure income and customer satisfactionOpens in a new tab.. This is why you should have business, research, and technical expertise, aside from excellent communication skills. 

21. Illustrator/Animator

Illustrators or animators are artists who work in creating films for production companies and animation studios. Their job usually entails producing creative, original, and aesthetically pleasing character and background designs. However, it is advantageous to have the ability to work under pressure and meet the client’s deadlines.

22. Musician

Yes, musicians can also work part-time and remotely. In this type of job, you do not need to bring heavy equipment to a recording studio. You can work as a freelancer by writing songs or teaching students in a music class. As a remote musician, you will write, record, and perform music based on your own schedule throughout the day. You can also have live digital sessions of gigs, performances, and other programs you can participate in. Although you might have a preferred genre, it would help to have a broad knowledge of music and musical theory so you can offer a wide variety of services to your clients or audience.

23. Audio Voice Overs and Acting

A voice-over actor is an artist who uses their voice on televisions, radios, films, and other platforms. They can play scripted dialogues between characters or have off-camera commentary in shows. There can be a lot of possibilities as a part-time voice actor. You can audition for specific projects you want to be a part of. Having your own recording studio in your home, in this case, is beneficial. You would need a high proficiency in the language you intend to voice act in, along with the ability to express specific emotions (or lack thereof) based on what your client needs.

24. Lawyer, Legal Assistant, or Paralegal Job

The primary job of a work-from-home lawyerOpens in a new tab. or paralegal is to help legal professionals prepare for hearings and trial cases. They may also be responsible for fact-checking and compiling case evidence. As a paralegal, you will also be tasked to assist clients with their legal needs. As with any administrative task, paralegals should think ahead and know what to prioritize. They should also have excellent communication, writing, and researching skills. 

25. Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents help their clients deal with any transaction regarding their properties. In a part-time and remote working setting, you will be responsible for advising and providing guidance to clients, especially about market conditions and the process of these transactions. As a real estate agent, you should be highly organized and have a good sense of multitasking. You should also have impressive negotiation and selling skills to convince your potential clients.

Top Companies Hiring Part-Time Remote Employees In Indeed

Now that you’ve learned about the in-demand part-time remote jobs, it is time to look for your employer. Here, at Indeed, we have numerous organizations in different industries offering great pay and working conditions. We’ve listed down the top five companies currently seeking part-time remote applicants. In no particular order, here are some of them:

1. KBR

KBR, located in Lexington Park, Maryland is currently looking for data scientists and analysts. They are primarily looking for individuals who can assist in analyzing customer requirements and translating these data into a design. Applicants must be equipped with knowledge about decoding, testing, and installing operating programs.

2. California Marketing Group

The California Marketing Group (CMG) is looking for part-time and remote customer service representatives. The main responsibility is to conduct political surveys over the phone. Applicants must have technical requirements such as a computer or laptop, internet, and headset. They should also have at least a high school education and at least 1 year of experience in customer service. CMG is located in Galena, Kansas.

3. Buddy Web Design & Development

Buddy Web Design & Development is looking for multiple types of part-time remote employees. These include a senior business development lead, independent sales representative, and sales lead generation. The primary requirement for most of these jobs is to have 5 years of experience in business-to-business sales. This company is located in Toledo, Ohio.

4. Pearson

Pearson, located in Raleigh, North Carolina, is now seeking a computer science tutor who can work part-time and remotely. Applicants must have backgrounds in CompTIA Security concepts, CompTIA Networking, and common programming languages. They must also have a deeper understanding of the course and can able to work with students globally. 

5. 1st Class Real Estate Cornerstone Group

1st Class Real Estate Cornerstone Group is seeking licensed real estate agents, brokers, and trainers. Their focus is to hire employees who can work part-time and remotely to negotiate and effectively communicate with potential clients. 1st Class Real Estate Cornerstone Group has multiple locations in Georgia.

Related Questions

What are the benefits of part-time remote jobs? Many part-time remote jobs offer flexibility in schedule, less stress in commuting, and location independence. Other benefits of this type of work are improved diversity or workplace inclusionOpens in a new tab. and increased money savings.

What are the downsides of working remotely? Although many companies have benefited from remote working, there are some downsides to it. The disadvantages of working remotely are isolation, decreased employee visibility, increased distractions, and lack of relationships between coworkers.

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