10 Tips for Greener Employees to Be Seen As Leaders at Work

Often, newer employees struggle to make experienced colleagues see them as leaders at work. Fortunately, leaders are not born but are made. Besides, being a leader doesn’t mean supervising or heading a team of people.

Think about the leaders or managers you have ever come across or heard of. What makes them be viewed as leaders? Some are good listeners, people who inspire others or people that everyone runs to seek advice from, etc. Leadership is a skill you can learn and develop.

Unfortunately, we’ve been made to think that leadershipOpens in a new tab. in the workplace can only be demonstrated by those in higher positions. This notion is very far from the truth because there are smart ways greener employees can be seen as leaders at work by senior colleagues.

In this article, you’re going to learn ten practical tips for newer employees to be viewed as leaders at work.

So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Who is A True Leader In The Workplace?

Steve Jobs, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela are just a few of the great leaders you can think of.

But there is a huge difference between a leader in the workplace and other areas.

Typically, a true leader is one who understands the company’s mission and represents its core values. In other words, a true leader is one who can express the goals and beliefs of the company they work for.

Employees who put the interests of the company at the forefront can easily influence others and establish themselves as leaders at work.

How to Be Seen as A Leader at Work

As stated above, you don’t have to be given a top position at work to demonstrate leadership.

Before you get promoted, you need to interrogate yourself and see whether you demonstrate the qualities and skills that make a good leader. Thankfully, you can develop these skills.

And once you commit yourself to add value to your company or organization, you will be recognized by senior team members.

These ten tips will help you learn how to demonstrate leadership in the workplace.

1. Become a Member of a Professional Association

Join a professional association in your area of specialization and participate in meetings, networking with like-minded professionals, and if possible, get active o the board.

Share the information you obtained by becoming a member of a professional association with your co-workers and encourage them to join as well.

You can search for professional associationsOpens in a new tab. in your industry by searching on the internet.

Just enter the search phrase “your industry + professional association” and find a reputable organization you can join and start attending meetings, events, and participate actively in what they do.

This is a sure way to build your leadership skills.

2. Be Positive and Proactive

As a greener employee how you think can help establish yourself as a leader at work.

Often, projects can go as planned, or sometimes things might not work. As a leader, you don’t focus on what didn’t work.

You also have to refrain from office politics and gossips. If a problem arises, seek a solution proactively.

Be positive so that your colleagues can look up to you. Being positive people can help you influence those around you. How to think positive and proactive is simple.

Always find ways to resolve problems and think about how to overcome them or do things better next time. Keep your team involved when coming up with a solution to a problem.

You also have to take the initiatives and be encouraging. For instance, when your team executes a project successfully, give credit to everyone involved.

3. Don’t Tell But Listen and Show

As a newer employee, to establish your reputation among your experienced co-workers, you need to talk less and listen more. This helps you to get ideas and gain perspective.

Listen to everyone in the workplace including your office cleaners, boss, coworkers, customers, peers, etc. By listening to others, you understand the overall picture and the challenges everyone is facing so you can find solutions proactively.

4. Learn How to be A Student and a Teacher

To be seen as a leader at work, you need to know when to teach and when to learn. You don’t have to be the one mentoring others every time.

You should allow others to mentor you as you mentor them as well. This helps to build unity in the workplace.

5. Network with The Right People

Networking is good when it comes to individual growth and business development. When you interact with thought leaders and other people outside your industry, you broaden your skills.

The good thing is that it doesn’t have to cost you time to network with others since you can do it within the workplace during lunch hours.

Joining a professional association is also a good way to network with industry experts.

As you network, have a purpose in mind. Don’t consider the number of people you network with but focus on making solid conversations that help you build your skills.

Networking will help you nurture the confidence of a leader as you will be sharing your ideas and knowledge with people you have never met before.

Leaders are seen by how they work together or forge connections with people they interact with. This article has some tips to help you learn how to network successfully.

6. Get Yourself a Mentor

Some companies have mentorship programs, but if yours doesn’t have any, you can find yourself a mentor.

A mentor is someone with advanced experience than yours who can share professional knowledge and experiences with you. Ensure you find a mentor who can help you develop your leadership skills and grow your career goals.

Your mentor can be a seasoned colleague within or without your industry.

7. Master What You Do

How you execute your duties can make or break your reputation in the workplace.

Besides, all the tips shared in this article won’t help you be viewed as a leader at work if you do not master your job.

This means that no matter how many connections you build or how you solve problems when they occur if your job is messy then no one will recognize you.

8. Deliver Great Results

As you build connections with like-minded people within or without your company, ensure you accomplish projects in time and ensure your results are unmatched.

Whether you’re experienced or not, delivering great results can help establish yourself as a leader among your team.

9. Be a Servant Leader

When things go south, you should provide a shoulder for your coworkers to lean on. In other words, be ready to serve others and not to be served.

When your coworkers know that you can support them in time of need, they will no doubt respect you.

They will always come to you to seek advice- and that’s how they view you as a leader.

10. Look for Opportunities to Serve and Contribute

You don’t have to know much to be seen as a leader at work. Besides, no matter how much you know, learning doesn’t stop or age.

Find opportunities where you can serve and contribute to the team and the company you work for. Don’t promote yourself but focus on getting respected by your colleagues and other people in the workplace.

Go the extra mile to do what other people aren’t willing to do. Serve beyond limits.

Additional tips on how to be seen as a leader at work…

– Be Ready to Volunteer Where No One Else Wants –

Find projects that need to be done that other people don’t want to execute.  Discover areas where you can perform better and get approval from senior members to accomplish the work.

There is a ton of areas greener employees can contribute to especially in the COVID-19 time.

You can volunteer to show other employees how to observe the COVID-19 rules or create awareness on how to stay safe from the pandemic.

– Establish Yourself as a Thought Leader in a Particular Domain –

One of the smart ways for greener employees to be seen as leaders at work is to establish themselves as thought leaders in a particular domain(s).

Once you become an expert in something, people will come to you to seek advice.

Ensure your expertise and influence can be felt both within and outside your department.

– Don’t be a Know-it-All Person –

Be humble; invite colleagues both within and outside your department and share insights.  People will be willing to listen to your ideas if you’re humble to allow everyone to contribute their views during discussions.

– Demonstrate Eagerness to Learn –

To be seen as a leader in the workplace, show your eagerness to learn things both within and without your area of specialization.

After all, when you’re promoted, you will have to man a team of people who are experienced in different areas.

When you demonstrate your eagerness to learn outside the boundaries, you become respected quickly.

– Don’t be Too Fast to Offer An Opinion –

Often, greener employees are in hurry to demonstrate what they are best at.  But that’s not the best way to be seen as a leader at work. As a rule, you should observe before you offer an opinion. Take your time to learn and understand the company’s cultural norms.

If you try to demonstrate your competency while still a newer employee, you will turn off your senior and more experienced colleagues. Listen and observe before sharing your thoughts and ideas. That’s how you will attract a more interested audience.

In the end, everyone can become a leader because leaders are not born but made.

If you’re a new employee, use the tips shared above to help establish yourself as a leader at work.

Good luck!

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