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Staff Accountant
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Job Descriptions:
Eternal Ventures – Staff Accountant
This opportunity is suited only for a high-performing Staff Accountant with an acute focus on detail and proven ability to get things done cleanly, on time, consistently and reliably. The ideal person is someone who relishes being hands-on in all facets of accounting and finance including (but not limited to) overseeing and reconciling of financial transactions, financial reporting, payment processing, Accountants Payable, Accounts Receivable and payroll.

Compliance Specialist (HR & Benefits)
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Job Descriptions:
Melita Group – Compliance Specialist (HR & Benefits)
This position involves two key areas of our business: 1) Ensuring our clients are protected from the multitude of liabilities related to employer compliance, and 2) Communicating complex and often uninteresting content in clear, creative, and interesting ways, to our clients and prospects. For those reasons, we need someone that brings a lot to the table in terms of their knowledge, creativity, passion, and communication skills. 

Manager of Accounting Systems
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Job Descriptions:
Babcock Power – Manager of Accounting Systems
Evaluate new ERP functionality in upgrades. Work with IT Project Managers to plan implementation strategy and rollout to the business when the new functionality is identified as useful and/or necessary for business. Manage user acceptance testing for all ERP application upgrades. Develop and maintain testing scenarios and scripts. Ensure user acceptance testing is completed and signed off by the end users in a timely manner.

Payroll Specialist
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Job Descriptions:
BSC Solutions Inc – Payroll Specialist
Compilation and processing of transactional Payroll and/or Time Data for biweekly and semi-monthly payrolls. Audit to ensure registers, deductions, and payments are correct. Work with external payroll resources for processing and tax to ensure that errors are eliminated, and processing is completed timely and accurately.

Payroll Analyst
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Job Descriptions:
Minerals Technologies Inc. – Payroll Analyst
The Payroll Analyst, under general supervision, oversees the processing of payroll data, ensures that computing, withholding, or deductions associated with net pay are done properly, is responsible for guaranteeing employees are paid correctly and on-time and participates in continuous improvement initiatives related to systems and payroll processing.

Senior Accountant
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Job Descriptions:
Omega ATC – Senior Accountant
Manage day-to-day financial transactions such as purchases, expenses, sales revenue. Analyze financial reports. Process accounts payables/receivables and invoices. Full cycle accounting, payroll/HR and contract management. Month end financial report, preparation and analysis, reconciliation.

Payroll Manager
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Job Descriptions:
Clearwater Solutions – Payroll Manager
Processes multi-state payroll in compliance with all applicable Federal and state rules, regulations, and procedures. Processes employee Time & Attendance data to payroll and reconcile variances. Approve and release time in the time system. Enters payroll, benefits, and related data into computer systems, and maintains information system database; enters data, processes transactions, validates data, and compiles documentation.

Energy Analyst I
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Job Descriptions:
Bright Power – Energy Analyst I
Our Energy Analysts are a vital part of our Analysis team tasked with helping our clients understand the Energy & Water usage of their buildings. This important role provides a foundation for a suite of Energy & Water management services that Bright Power provides to help our clients achieve substantial reductions in utility costs, carbon emissions and water consumption- all while improving resident comfort.

Climate Solutions Sales Manager
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Job Descriptions:
Sustainable Travel International – Climate Solutions Sales Manager
Sustainable Travel Internationalis a mission-driven organization working to protect and conserve our planet’s most vulnerable destinations by transforming tourism’s impact on nature and people. By leveraging the power of travel and tourism, we aim to ensure that communities thrive, cultural heritage is preserved, and environments are healthy for future generations.

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