10 Benefits of Returning to Office

Many companies have seen the benefits of work-from-anywhere, but a return to the office might be on the horizon. That might seem unappealing, but the future is ever-changing: read more about how tomorrow’s workplace might look in our article, “The Future of the Workplace – Do we still need a physical office?”

Some companies are now transitioning back to the office. Others are planning to do so soon. But what are the merits of switching back to traditional office setups? Here are 10 benefits of returning to the office:

1. Increased Productivity

Working from home can be distracting. Family, pets and other household duties compete for your attention. However, you can focus on your work and be more productive in the office.

Being in an officeOpens in a new tab. can help your mind enter its work mode quickly and easily. That enables you to focus and get things done more efficiently.

2. Better Collaboration

In-person collaboration is often more effective than working remotely. When you’re in the same room as your colleagues, it’s easier to have impromptu meetings. In addition, you can easily share ideas and get feedback.

Talking through a screen or chatting online can be frustrating, inefficient, and much slower than in-person verbal communication.

3. Better Work/Life Balance

When you work from home, separating your work life from your personal life can be challenging. However, by returning to the office, you can leave work at the office and enjoy your free time without thinking about work.

4. More Social Interaction

Working from home can be lonely. Returning to the office allows you to socialize with your colleagues and build relationships.

This constant social interaction can help reduce stress, improve morale, and make work more enjoyable. It can also foster a great sense of teamwork.

5. Reduced Stress Levels

Working from home can be stressful, especially if you live in a small space or don’t have a dedicated work area. In the office, you have a desk, chair, and computer just for you. You can also take breaks by physically leaving your workstation or taking a quick walk out of the building for a cup of coffee.

6. Improved Mental Health

The social interaction and structure of working in an office can improve your mental health. Being around other people can reduce stress. It can also help you feel more connected and supported.

7. Better Physical Health

Sitting at a desk all day can be bad for your health. But going to the office allows you to move around and take breaks without the distractions of home living. In the office, you can also take advantage of on-site gym facilities. You can even walk to a nearby parkOpens in a new tab. for a break.

8. Increased Creativity

Brainstorming with colleagues in person can spark new ideas. It can help you see problems from different perspectives too. Being in the office can get you “in the zone” and help you be more creative.

9. Greater Sense Of Accountability

When you’re working from home, it can be easy to procrastinate. It can also prompt you to take longer breaks than you would in the office. You’re more likely to stay on task and be productive in an environment dedicated to working.

10. Access To Company Resources

You can utilize company resources at the office, such as meeting rooms, printers, and photocopiers. There are gymnasiums, pantries, and nap rooms too. You can also get help from IT or HR when you need it. Some companies also offer premade ergonomic workstations.

Most of the time, companies have better resources and technology than you can find at home, making it easier to get your work done and reducing the risk of technical problems.

To Wrap Up

Working from home has become the new norm for many people. But there are some advantages to returning to the office. If your company is considering making the transition, keep these benefits in mind.

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