What is Workplace Ethics?

What is workplace ethics?

Ethics are the moral principles that drive an individual’s behavior. People have personal ethics in many areas of their lives, such as ethics for family relationships or romantic relationships. Workplace ethics are, by definition, the moral principles that guide a person’s actions in the workplace- bizfluentOpens in a new tab.

Workplace ethics and business ethicsOpens in a new tab. refer to the ethical dimensions of organizations and commercial activities. The term “workplace ethics” applies to nearly every issue in business, including the production, distribution, marketing, sale and consumption of goods and services- GraceCollegeOpens in a new tab.

Workplace ethics include not only how one feels about their job, career or vocation, but also how one does his/her job or responsibilities. This involves attitude, behavior, respect, communication, and interaction; how one gets along with others. Work ethics demonstrate many things about whom and how a person is-  All AboutOpens in a new tab.

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