What is Workplace Culture?

What is Workplace Culture?


Culture is the character and personality of your workplace. It’s what makes your business unique and is the sum of its values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors, and attitudes- ERCOpens in a new tab.


Workplace culture is the environment that you create for your employees. It plays a powerful role in determining their work satisfaction, relationships and progression. It is the mix of your organization’s leadership, values, traditions, beliefs, interactions, behaviors and attitudes that contribute to the emotional and relational environment of your workplace. These factors are generally unspoken and unwritten rules that help to form bonds between your colleaguesOpens in a new tab.SidekickerOpens in a new tab.


The concept of a workplace culture encompasses many different characteristics of a business. Culture has visible components in the way that business looks and how employees dress, but it really thrives in the attitudes of employeesOpens in a new tab., in the setting of goals and in the communication of business values to workers and customers. The business owner sets the pace for creating, defining and refining the company culture- chronOpens in a new tab.

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