What is Workplace Analytics?

What is workplace analytics?


Workplace analytics is a combination of software and methodology that applies statistical models to worker-related data, allowing enterprise leaders to optimize human resource management (HRMOpens in a new tab.)- TechTargetOpens in a new tab.


Workplace analytics is an advanced set of data analysis tools and metrics for comprehensive workforce performance measurement and improvement. It analyzes recruitment, staffing, training and development, personnel, and compensation and benefits, as well as standard ratios that consist of time to fill, cost per hire, accession rate, retention rate, add rate, replacement rate, time to start and offer acceptance rate- GartnerOpens in a new tab.


Workplace analytics describes a set of tools that measure, characterize and organize sophisticated employee data. These tools are used to present detailed employee performance to provide a better understanding and assist in overall management- UltimateSoftwareOpens in a new tab.


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