What is in a Workplace First Aid Kit?

What is in a Workplace First Aid Kit?


– A basic workplace first aid kit includes; plasters (used for small cuts and grazes), dressings (used to apply pressure to larger wounds and help to stop bleeding), bandages (used to support joints, hold dressings in place, put pressure on wounds and to stop swelling), disposable gloves (used to reduce the risk of infection), face shields or pocket masks (used to prevent infection when you give rescue breaths), cleansing wipes/alcohol free wipes (used to clean the skin around the wound), adhesive tape (used to hold dressings or the loose end of bandages in place), pins and clips (used to fasten the loose end of bandages), scissors or tweezers (used to cut bandages or sticky tape or someone’s clothing if you need to get to a wound)- St John AmbulanceOpens in a new tab.


– Workplace First Aid Kits should consist of the following items: Adhesive bandages, adhesive tape, antibiotic application, antiseptic, a breathing barrier, burn dressing (gel soaked), burn treatment, cold packs, eye covering, eye/skin wash, first aid guide, hand sanitizer, medical exam gloves, roller bandages, scissors, sterile pads, trauma pads, and triangular bandages. In addition the location of the kit must be easily accessible- FirstAidStoreOpens in a new tab.


– Employers need to ensure that first-aid kits are adequately stocked for their workplace. A kit needs to include: basic first aid notes, disposable gloves, resuscitation mask, individually wrapped sterile adhesive dressings, sterile eye pads (packet), sterile coverings for serious wounds, triangular bandages, safety pins, small, medium and large sterile unmedicated wound dressings, non-allergenic tape, rubber thread or crepe bandage, scissors, tweezers, suitable book for recording details of first aid provided, sterile saline solution, plastic bags for disposal. The name and telephone number of workplace first aid officers, and the phone number and address of the emergency services should be either in or near each first aid kit- OHS RepsOpens in a new tab.

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