What is Desk Sharing?

What is Desk Sharing?


Desk sharing is an arrangement through which employees are assigned to a specific workspace; however the workspace is not dedicated to a single employee but rather shared among two or three employees- EnterpriseWideHotelingOpens in a new tab.


Desk sharing is a system where desks are no longer dedicated to one person, filled with paperwork and personal momentums. Desk sharing encourages collaboration by breaking down barriers and siloed ways of working. Without ownership over a dedicated work space, employees are given the freedom to move around the workspace, promoting a culture of teamwork- CondecoOpens in a new tab.

Desk sharing is work arrangement in which two or more employees share the same workstation in a typically pre-arranged manner that allows each of the employees to have sole access to the specified workstation on given days while the others involved in the sharing arrangement work elsewhere- GSAOpens in a new tab.


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