What is Desk Hoteling?

What is Desk Hoteling?


Desk hoteling approach lets an employee reserve a specific desk for a set amount of time, on an as-needed basis. It works because of today’s improved technology, from the prevalence of laptops and mobile devices in the workplace to the availability of software that makes it easy to reserve desks- TeemOpens in a new tab.


Desk hoteling allows employees to pick and choose from a variety of workspaces. It also encourages employees to work from home to visit the home base from time to time and collaborate with their colleagues- iOfficeOpens in a new tab.

Desk Hoteling is a method of office management in which workers dynamically schedule their use of workspaces such as desks and cubicles. It is an alternative approach to the more traditional method of permanently assigned seating. Desk hoteling is reservation-based unassigned seating; employees reserve a workspace before they come to work in an office- WikipediaOpens in a new tab.

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