What is Coworking?

What is Coworking?


Coworking hubs are home to collaborative communities of like-minded freelancers, start-ups, and SMEs. Even Global organizations such as Google have embraced coworking to reduce office costs whilst similarly boosting employee performance & satisfaction- BCA


Coworking by definition is a physical space where many companies can work together. The companies benefit from sharing office amenities such as conference rooms, bathrooms, printers, front desk staff, and internet access and by being a part of a community- Ignita Office


Coworking is a generic word that’s generally used to describe any situation in which two or more people are working in the same place together, but not for the same company.  Instead of working remotely in separate offices or places, independent professionals, telecommuters, and others who have the ability to work from anywhereOpens in a new tab. sharing one working environment. This can be on an occasional basis or for regular full-time work hours, depending on your preferences – Lifewire


The use of an office or other working environments by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge. ‘The whole idea of coworking is to bring bright, creative people together and let the ideas collide’- Dictionary


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