Surprising Careers that Anyone Can Get Into

Not everyone has the luxury of completing their education. Many people are forced to drop out of high school or never go to college for various reasons. Family, financial, and health circumstances need not get in the way of your acquiring gainful employment and earning a good salary. Nor do you need to develop soft skills to go for job interviews and impress recruiters. Read ahead for jobs with a high school diplomaOpens in a new tab. that any person can get into without the need for qualifications. As long as you have the determination to succeed, are willing to work hard, and learn on the job, many career options are available to you. 

Commercial Trucker

A commercial trucker position typically requires you to have a high school diploma or equivalent qualification. You can expect to train on the job by co-piloting with more experienced drivers before going out on solo assignments. Annual salaries range from $30,660 to $69,480, with an average of $47,130 per year. If you enjoy spending long hours on the road, cruising along in total solitude with minimum human interaction, this career is perfect for you. Estimates compiled by the Bureau of Labor Statistics report that 2.1 million heavy vehicle tractor-trailers ply American highways, with a projected 30,000 to join by the year 2029. 

Remote Electronic Notary

On the other end of the spectrum is a full-time desk job that you can do from the privacy of home. This career is ideal for people who have personal responsibilities and cannot go out to work. You can sign up for the qualifying courses online, sit for the exam, and get the official notary seal and eSignature. The necessary information for how to become a remote notaryOpens in a new tab. is available online on authorized platforms. These apps will connect you with potential clients and assist in collecting payments. On average, online notaries make $61,266 per year with the potential to earn higher wages as your experience levels improve, and you get repeat clients. Salaries typically start from a lower range of $27,000 to a maximum of $82,000.

Jobs to Monetize Your Talents and Interests

The current employment sphere is such that you can monetize any talents, skills, and even hobbies. For instance, if you love gardening and have a green thumb, you could look for a position at the local nursery tending Opens in a new tab.plantsOpens in a new tab. and assisting customers. Alternatively, you could start a podcast or an online gardening course where you offer tips about raising foliage and flowers, their different species, and the ones that thrive indoors or outdoors. Expect to earn an annual salary anywhere from $21,000 to $31,500 with an average salary of $24,598.

Are you an avid baker? Do friends and family rave about your cakes and cookies? Monetize this skill by starting online classes for people interested in learning how to bake. You could also initiate a small business from home, putting together boxes or hampers that people might be interested in buying. If not baking, consider cooking meals for elderly or invalid members of your community who would appreciate wholesome, home-cooked fare delivered to their doorstep.

Jobs to Monetize Your Daily Chores

The most straightforward job opportunities include offering families assistance with shopping for groceries, running errands, picking up prescriptions, and walking pets. Many seniors, invalids, or super busy professionals are open to paying a reliable and responsible person to take care of their chores around the house. If you prefer to work online, consider virtual assistant positions where you’ll make appointments, set up reminders, and perhaps, answer phone calls for your clients. 

Jobs for Introverts

Technology and the availability of remote and digital jobs have now made it possible for introverts to get gainful employment. The professional world recognizes introverts as people who perform best as individual workers and thrive in an independent environment rather than as part of a group or in a commercial office setting. If you can maximize productivity levels when working in a quiet place with zero disturbance, you can choose careers that allow you to do just that. 

You’ll search sites like Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer, Truelancer, and others for projects and clients from global locations. Read up the job specifications and apply for remote positions where it is possible to deliver assignments online without the need for interacting personally or visiting the brick-and-mortar office premises. Since spheres like digital marketing are fairly new, one can enter the field without any specialized training and qualifications and learn on the job, thus they are perfect jobs for introvertsOpens in a new tab.. Here are a few examples. 


If you have writing skills, the job of a copywriter is ideal for you. The job description includes creating content for websites, such as blogs, articles, service pages, and product descriptions. As you continue working, you can pick up SEO skills to infuse keywords, key phrases, and other features that will help the pages rank with search engines like Google, Microsoft Edge, Safari, Mozilla, and others. Depending on your skills and the clients, you could work as a technical writer, editor, fiction writer, and sales ad copy, to name a few. Annual salaries can range from $45,000 to $130,000, with an average income of around $75,200. 

Social Media Manager

In today’s digital world, people almost entirely rely on social media for information about any products and services before purchasing them. Companies focusing their marketing efforts and strategies on building an online presence need experts who are knowledgeable about how social media works. If you like to spend long hours on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Reddit, and Instagram, you can monetize that interest. 

The job description will include creating social media campaigns that align with the company’s ongoing advertising programs. You may be asked to respond to comments, queries, and reviews that customers post on the pages and answer complaints. As for salaries, you can expect to make an average salary of $52,326 doing what you enjoy. Experienced professionals can make a maximum of $87,500 while starting salaries can be around $21,500.


If you’re looking for a straightforward job that requires minimal skills, monetize the fact that you’ve been raised as a native English speaker. You can offer your skills as an English translator to various entities from non-native countries. Some examples include immigrants, vacationers, students, people seeking employment, or companies needing to communicate with the American government and non-government organizations. You’ll edit applications, emails, essays, and other content to make it easy to understand. If you’re wondering if it’s really possible to make money, the answer is yes! Salaries can range anywhere from $41,500 to a maximum of $129,000, averaging $69,739 per year. 

Data Entry Specialist

The only skill you need for this job is attention to detail and the ability to work with Microsoft Office or the Google equivalent, Google Suite. You’ll start work at $13 an hour that translates into at least $27,000 per year. On the higher end, you could make $62,500 with an average pay scale of $39,571. Not sure how to do this? Search online for quick tutorials that help you learn quickly. 

Making money does not need extensive qualifications and training. You simply need to identify a potential niche and work out how to monetize and convert it into a career. 

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