What is a Building Automation System (BAS)?

What is a Building Automation System (BAS)

A building automation system (BAS) is an intelligent system of both hardware and software, connecting heating, venting and air conditioning system (HVAC), lighting, security, and other systems to communicate on a single platform. This way the automation system is delivering you crucial information on the operational performance of a building as well as enhancing the safety and comfort of the occupants. (OSWOpens in a new tab.)

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A building automation system is a system, or set of systems, that provide automated control and monitoring within a building. Control is centralized, meaning that these systems can be monitored and adjusted from a small number of stations located throughout the building. Their purpose is to provide a comfortable, consistent environment, ensure the safety of all occupants, and reduce energy costs- Study.comOpens in a new tab.

A building automation system is a network of microprocessor based wired or wireless controllers connected to diverse systems in a building to better manage the equipment and optimize a company’s energy spend . BAS controls provide access to information on equipment performance and utility metering, and gives users the ability to easily schedule equipment and control it at a more granular level-  SmartwattOpens in a new tab.

A building automation system (BAS) combines everything from HVAC and lighting to security alarms and AV features into a single system that operates within an office or building. This centralized system uses computer-controlled automation to manage the operation of all of the various components included in the BAS. When combined with sensors and other automation technology, a BAS can eliminate the need for human control over various systems- Space IQOpens in a new tab.

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